Engage Visitors Viewing
a Specific Page

You might have product pages that you care about more. For
example, high-end products or premium services. When a
visitor lands on any of such pages, a chatbot will encourage
them to talk with you in person.

What does this
chatbot do?

It sends a message to the visitor who lands on a specific page to encourage them to get in touch with you via a live chat.

custom chatbot template

Messages examples

Hi! The apartment you are looking at is currently on sale. Would you like to discuss the details?

Good taste! This custom made sterling silver ring is a real beauty 😍. You can have it perfectly designed to your specifications (including laser engraving). Interested? Let’s chat 💬.

There has never been a better time to buy a men's watch! Especially when we talk about the Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton Edition. We offer [your special deal], as well as an interest-free payment plan. Send us a message to chat about the details.

How to build this chatbot?


Start with the Visitor opens a specific page trigger, and enter your product page URL.


Add the Send a chat message action and customize the chatbot message.


Add the Add a tag action and customize the tag name.


Increased chances for a sale
A chatbot grabs visitors’ attention while they are still on your website and offers immediate contact.
Better customer experience
A chatbot proactively approaches a potential buyer just like a sales assistant in a traditional store.
Valuable popularity insights
You will know which product or service pages are visited the most by your audience.

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