Admin Panel

How to Navigate the Channels section

In the Channels section, you can customize your widget to your preference. Manage your integration with Messenger, email mailboxes and set up the Chat Page.

How to Navigate the Settings Panel

The settings section allows you to change the vital elements of the Tidio Chat back-end. Here you can edit your chat settings, manage operators, check into your account, and a lot more.

Managing Operators in Your Tidio Panel

In this article, we will explain how to add and customize your operator’s accounts so, you can answer to your website visitors’ inquiries more efficiently.

How to manage multiple projects

Tidio allows you to use projects to easily manage multiple websites. Projects are better than using separate accounts for each website!

How to use Contact Properties

In this article, we will explain the main functionalities of the ‘contact properties’ data. We will tell you how to add a new contact property and use them inside your bots.

How to Use Quick Responses

In this article you will learn how to answer to your customers more efficiently with the Quick Responses tool. You can prepare short messages, and call upon them anytime during a chat.

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