How to Navigate the Channels section

In the Settings > Channels section, you can customize your Tidio widget to your preference. You’ll also be able to manage your integration with Messenger and email mailboxes. Learn how to edit the Widget, Sidebar, or Chat Page to create a unique chat which will match your website. 

Channels section visible in the settings panel

In this article you will learn:


The Modern and Business Themes are no longer supported – we recommend switching to the ‘New’ Theme

Please, be advised that all accounts created after the 14th of June 2018 no longer have an option to choose our old themes.
Our support for the Modern and Business theme is discontinued and all further updates will impact only the New Theme, so we strongly recommend switching to it if you’ve created your account prior to its release!

A ‘New’ Theme Tidio widget

Widget Settings 

Changes that you can make in the ‘widget settings’ are based on your preferences on how you want the chat widget to be presented on your website. A preview will be available on the right too so that you can see the changes in real-time. 

The ‘Widget Settings’ section

You can learn more about each step from the ‘Widget Settings’ section in our article about Customizing your Tidio chat Widget.

Get Started

Here, you can change the Status and the main message for The New Theme Widget as well as set the background for it.

Pre-Chat Survey

Below the Get Started section, you will find the Pre-Chat Survey. Here you can create a survey which will ask your visitor for their name, email address, phone number or GDPR compliance after they type in their first message and attempt to start a conversation with you.

‘Pre Chat Survey’ settings

This information will then be saved for you in the ‘conversations’ panel to use during a chat.

‘Pre Chat Survey’ settings inside the Tidio Chat Widget


A ‘Multilanguage’ setting section

The Multilanguage feature allows you to display the chat widget in more languages. On top of that, you can edit each phrase of the translation and customize it to your needs. To learn more about the Multilanguage section, check out this article: Multilanguage.

Set up your chat to appear as a sidebar on the left or right border of your website. Once a user clicks the sidebar, the standard chat widget at the bottom will appear.


Here you can configure your integration with Messenger. To authorize, simply log in with your Facebook credentials. To learn how this works, read our article that explains how to Integrate Tidio chat with Messenger.

Messenger Integration section


Configure the integration with your email account to receive and send emails through Tidio Chat. This will let you keep all your communication with clients in one place. To learn more about this, check out our Mailbox Integration guide.

Email Integration section

Chat Page

You can also link your chat to a button on your page and have it appear in a new window when clicked by a user. A Chat Page URL is available at the bottom of the section – copy and link it to a button on your website.

Chat Page settings section

If you have any questions regarding the Appearance section, please contact us by chat or at [email protected]

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