How to allow notifications in your browser

By default, any website that uses push technology requests visitors’ permission to notify them. When you visit your Tidio panel for the first time, it will ask if you’d like to allow or deny notifications. If you’ve allowed them while visiting the website – you’re all done!

However, if you haven’t allowed the notifications – you will need to unblock them. This way you’ll be sure not to miss any live chats!

How to check if your browser is blocking notifications?

Tidio offers an easy way to check if your web browser is blocking them. You can go to the Settings>Notifications section in Tidio, and you’ll see the option to send a test notification.

how to send test notification
Sending a test notification

If your notifications are enabled, you will receive the test in your Tidio panel. If they’re disabled – a message from Tidio will appear on your screen, saying that the browser is blocking them.

blocked notification
Your browser might be blocking notifications

After you allow getting notified, repeat the test to make sure it’s working correctly!

Please note that by selecting ‘none‘ for a sound, you will disable that notification completely. On top of that: you can only be notified if your operator status is ‘online.’

How to enable notifications by browser type

1. Google Chrome
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Microsoft Edge
4. Safari

Unblocking in Google Chrome

You can check the current state of notifications in Google Chrome by clicking on the padlock icon near the URL of the Tidio website.

check notifications Google Chrome
Checking notifications in Chrome

If they’re blocked – it will say ‘block‘ on the right side of the bell icon. To allow them, you need to click on ‘block’ and a drop-down list will appear. Choose ‘allow‘ instead and close the window. Refreshing the Tidio website will allow your web browser to send notifications.

allow notifications Google Chrome
Allowing notifications in Chrome

You should start getting notified correctly now. You can do a test; the notification should display as below:

test notification Google Chrome
A test notification in Chrome

Unblocking in Mozilla Firefox

To allow notifications in Mozilla Firefox, you need to click on the icon on the left of the website’s URL.

check notifications Mozilla Firefox
Checking notifications in Firefox

If they’re getting blocked by Firefox – remove the block by clicking on the ‘x‘ to the right of the ‘blocked‘ label. After doing that, refresh the website – it will ask for your permission to be notified. Pressing ‘allow‘ will fix the issue.

allow notifications Mozilla Firefox
Allowing notifications in Firefox

The test notification should be unblocked now. You can test it and check if it’s being sent correctly, as below:

test notification Mozilla Firefox
A test notification in Firefox

Unblocking in Microsoft Edge

You can allow notifications in Microsoft Edge by clicking the padlock icon to the left of the website’s URL.

padlock icon Microsoft Edge
The padlock icon in Edge

Once you click on the icon, a menu will appear. There you can change the settings to match the screenshot below:

enable notifications Microsoft Edge
Enabling notifications in Edge

After you enable that permission – you need to refresh the Tidio website. That will apply the changes; you can check if the test is working correctly, as below:

test notification Microsoft Edge
A test notification in Edge

Unblocking in Safari

To be notified in Safari, you first need to open the browser’s preferences. You can do that as shown below:

enable notifications Safari
Opening Safari’s preferences

In the preferences window, select the ‘websites‘ tab. There you can edit the permissions for websites that you’ve visited. Open the ‘notifications’ section on the left, and you should see Tidio listed there. You may see ‘deny‘ selected for Tidio; select ‘allow‘ instead.

notifications settings Safari
Allowing website notifications in Safari

After changing the permission – refresh the Tidio website. Now you can run the test and check if Safari notifies you correctly, as below:

test notification Safari
A test notification in Safari

If you have any other questions or face issues, feel free to contact us via chat or at [email protected]

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