How To Use Offline Email Notifications

The offline email notification option allows you to receive your website visitors’ inquiries directly to your email 📧

How Offline Email Notifications work?

When you’re online 🟢 , you can receive push notifications about new chats, new messages, and new visitors entering your website.

However, when you’re offline ⚪️, you can be notified about new missed conversations via email.

The Offline Email Notification includes visitor’s data and the content of the chat message.

You can reply to their messages by simply responding to the offline email notification straight from your mailbox. You can also log in to your Tidio chat panel and answer the messages from there.

Here’s an example of the offline email notification:

Example of the offline email notifications you will see in your mailbox

How to enable Offline Email Notifications

You can enable the Offline Email Notifications and specify the email addresses you’d like to be notified on – in the Settings > Notifications section.

The email notifications work only for the conversations received when you’re offline. The chats also need to be ‘Unassigned’ for at least 5 minutes after the last message from the visitor was received.

NOTE: Please note that if you switch your status to online before the 5-minute mark, or if an operator is assigned to the conversation at the time, the email notification won’t be sent.

Above, you can see an example when an operator had joined the conversation right after the chat message was received.

In this case, the offline email notification hasn’t been sent.

In this example, the operator joined the chat after the 5 minutes period from the moment when the chat was received. That means the offline email notification has been sent to the operator’s email address.

The 5 minutes delay has been added to ensure each message is included in the notification you receive. It’s very common for visitors to send their inquiries in multiple chat messages instead of a single message.

With the five-minute delay, you’ll have the full picture of the customer’s issue and you’ll be able to react immediately.

To learn more, take a look at our article on how to go offline in your Tidio panel. (How to set up your operating hours and online & offline statuses.

In case you would have any more questions, please contact us via chat on our website or at [email protected].

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