How to Download the Tidio Mobile App

In this article, we will explain how to download and install Tidio Mobile App on your iOS and Android devices to make the most out of the Tidio app.

Before you install the Tidio mobile app

To have valid credentials and log into your mobile app, you need to associate your email address with the Tidio account first. In order to do that, you need to complete a quick configuration of your live chat upon the first login and register your e-mail address.

Tidio Configuration window

What devices can I use it on?

You can install our mobile app for Android 4.1 and higher or iOS 9.0 and higher.

Tidio App installation guide:

1. Download the app:

Go to the Dashboard of your chat panel or go to the Settings section and select Download for iOS or Android (depending on your system).

Download Mobile App banner inside your Tidio panel

You can also download the app through the App store on iPhone or Google play on Android. 

You can download our Tidio app from the App Store platform by searching for the ‘Tidio Chat’ app

Or by clicking on these links: (iPhone) or (Android)

2. Log into the app:

To log into the mobile app, simply use your email and password created via the online/desktop panel. Make sure you have finished the registration process in your chat plugin, otherwise your mobile app will not be connected with your chat. 

NOTE: If you already have Tidio on your website, please do not create a new account in the app.

Tidio login panel inside the Tidio Mobile app

3. Choose the project you want to use

In this step, you can choose the project you would like to use on your mobile app. You can always change and switch between the projects in the mobile app later on as well.

List of available projects to log in to

4. Make sure the notifications are turned on

Once, you will be logged in to the Tidio mobile app, head over to the settings > notifications section to make sure the notifications are enabled. Most of the time, your device’s system should ask you about the permission for the notifications after opening the app for the first time but, we recommend to make sure they were enabled.

Settings panel in your Tidio app, click on the ‘notifications’ button to make sure they are enabled

Click on the ‘notifications’ button and make sure you have them enabled.

settings > notification centre in the Tidio app on the Apple device

If you are using an iPhone device – you might also go to the settings > notifications > Tidio inside your Apple device settings.

Settings > notifications > Tidio app settings available in the settings of your Apple device

On the Android device, you can access those settings straight from the Tidio app by clicking on the ‘customize notifications’ button in the settings > notification section.

Notification centre in the Tidio mobile app that allows you to set up your notifications straight from the app after clicking on the ‘customize notifications’ button

Here’s how the push-up notifications work:

Push-up notifications from Tidio mobile app

How to use the Tidio mobile app features

Visitors list

Keep track of your visitors, see what page they are on at the moment, what country they are from and what browser they are using. This feature is a part of the communicator plan. You can learn more about it in our article about paid premium plans.

Visitors section inside the Tidio mobile app

Click on the visitor to open up the chat conversation with that specific visitor.


Look up all current and archived chats, search for certain messages or contacts and update your visitors’ info.

Conversation panel inside the Tidio mobile app

If you would like to delete or leave the chat conversation, simply slight the chat to the left side which will show you two options; leave (green button), delete (red button).

Visitor’s info & Viewed Pages

Edit your visitor’s info in an active chat or in history, so that you instantly know who they are when they come back. You can also see which pages your website’s visitor has visited or is on currently. The Viewed Pages preview is a part of the communicator plan. You can learn more about it in our article about paid premium plans.

You can access those settings by clicking on the three dots menu in the upper right corner of the opened chat conversation with the visitor.

Visitor’s Data section available after clicking in the three dots menu in the upper right corner of the chat conversation panel.


For an article about Android notifications, please visit this link

If you need more information on the mobile apps or if you encounter any difficulties, please reach out to us via chat or at [email protected]

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