How to create an Autoresponder bot for missed conversations

During the time when your chat is online but you are not able to answer new conversations, a bot for missed inquiries will come in handy. It is best to avoid the situation when a visitor sees that the chat is online but no response comes back to them after they write their questions.

In order to begin creating the bot please head on to the ‘Chatbots’ section (the ‘Play’ icon in the menu on the left side). Then once you are there find in the top right corner ‘ + Add from Scratch’ button:

How to find the ‘add from scratch’ button

Clicking this button then opens the editing panel, allowing to begin setting up the bot itself. At first, you will be asked to pick the trigger for your new bot. In this case, it is crucial to pick a trigger called ‘Operator doesn’t take the conversation'(to find out more about nodes used to make Chatbots please click here).

The trigger is responsible to open the bot in your widget after a specific time during which the conversation is not picked up by an operator. Here you can see where to set the time:

Now that the time is set, you can add the message that your visitors will see when the bot is triggered. The message should inform them, that it seems like the operators are now busy and they will reply to the messages as soon as possible.

Pick the ‘Send a chat message’ node from the panel on the right and drag it into the editing grid, after doing that it will automatically connect with the trigger. Then the message you want your visitors to get will be added in the panel that opens when the node is dropped:

After the text is good to go, you can save and publish the new bot with the green ‘Save’ button in the top right corner.

If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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