How to edit the initial message on chat

In this article, we will show you how to edit the first message sent by the bot which you have created during the registration steps.

Tidio automatically turns on a chatbot on your website during the initial setup.

Examples of messages you could set up during the registration process.

This is how it looks on your website:

Example of the automated message sent by the bot on your website


To edit the initial message coming from a chatbot, please visit the Chatbots section on the left side of the Tidio admin panel. Lookup for the bots under the ‘My Added Chatbots’ section, hover the mouse over the bot you wish to adjust, and click on the“Edit” button to enter the editing map of the bot. 

How to edit your initial message

Next, please click on each node and adjust the message to your preferences.

Click the choose action to edit the texts inside

Deleting or pausing a Chatbot

To delete or pause a Chatbot, please find the bot you wish to delete or pause and hover the mouse over the bot under the My Added Bots section. If you wish to delete the bot completely – click on the Delete option. If you wish to temporarily stop the bot from appearing on your website – make sure the ‘active’ button is disabled. 

How to find the ‘delete’ option or disable the bot temporarily

For more information, go to the full guide here

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