Tracking an abandoned cart using Tidio

There are several ways you can track abandoned carts with the help of Tidio. If your store is on Shopify, you won’t need to deal with any coding in your back-end – just use the tracking option from Settings. If your store is built on a different platform, you’ll need to add a small script to your store’s source code.


Automatic tracking for Shopify

Once enabled, tracking will start automatically to trace the cart. To activate it, go to Settings > Tracking > Manage tracking, and select the Shopify platform there. Click on “Save” – your tracking will now be enabled!


This method will be useful for developers only.

The chat needs to know where is the cart on your site and where starts the checkout area. In order to point out to the app where the visitor proceeds from the cart, you’ll need to use this code and specify the cart page as the ‘start’ point, and the checkout page as the ‘end’ point. The code needs to be added after the chat’s installation script.

See the Pen Abandoned Cart by Martini (@martini-tidio) on CodePen.

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