How to Collect Leads With Tidio

The importance of generating new leads – your new mailing subscribers is pretty straightforward. Getting more leads increases your chances of converting at least some of them into paying customers 📈

Later on, you can take advantage of our Email Marketing tool that will allow you to inform audiences about promotions, news, or any other content you’d like to share with your visitors.

Here at Tidio, we have three simple ways of collecting your website’s visitors’ email addresses and converting them into your mailing subscribers. You can achieve that by using the: 

Collecting data with Pre-Chat Survey

Pre-Chat Survey asks your visitor for their name, email address, phone number, or GDPR compliance. You can request all that information or you can choose to ask only what you need. 

The ‘Pre-Chat’ Survey will be displayed when visitors type in their first message to attempt to start a conversation with you. The collected information is later saved in the conversation panel as well as on the list with all the ‘contacts’ which you have collected through the Tidio chat.

The Pre-Chat Survey settings are located right below the ‘Mobile Widget’ section in the Settings > Channels > Live Chat > Appearance panel.

Pre-Chat Survey section in Tidio panel

You can enable the Survey by switching the toggle to the ‘on’ position. Then you will be able to add the fields asking for the information you need. Select them from the drop-down menu and click ‘Add’.

The email address field also gives an option for the visitor to give their consent to receive newsletters from you – you only need to tick the box with ‘Ask your visitor for newsletter permission’ information to enable it.

Newsletter consent with the Email field

If you need to modify or translate the ‘Sign up for newsletter’ text, you can do this in the Multilanguage section that is located right under the Pre-Chat Survey. You would need to click ‘click here’ button to access the text editor.

Modify or translate the text in Multilanguage section

Select the tab with your language and locate the text you wish to edit. You can use CTRL+F in your browser and type the phrase you need to find. Then simply enter the text of your choice in the text field to translate it.

Editing the test in Multilanguage section

Now, your pre-chat Survey is ready and you can collect the leads which will help you grow your business!

Use a chatbot to collect information

Another great channel in Tidio to collect the leads are chatbots. Bots have many advantages: they work independently in the background, they can approach visitors just when you want them to, and they can ask visitors for any data that you may want – all while saving you precious time!

You can build a chatbot that will ask the visitors if they want to subscribe to your newsletter and request their email address. How to do this?

In the chatbot section of your Tidio section locate the ‘add from scratch‘ button in the upper right corner and select a trigger of your choice, and add action node ‘Ask a Question’. In this node, you can write the question to the visitor requesting them for their email address.

Remember to select ‘Validation’ to ‘Email’ so, that the email address can be saved into your contact list. The next important node to add would be ‘Subscribe for Mailing’ which will automatically mark your new contact as a subscriber. 

An example of a lead-generating bot flow

The bot can end with a ‘Send a Message’ node in which you can thank your new subscriber for leaving their contact details. Of course, you can add more nodes, for example, more questions asking for different types of details or more messages.

This way the bots can collect a large variety of information for you while saving some of your time.

Use chat conversation to collect leads

If you are already having a conversation with your visitor, you can ask for their email address and mailing consent during the chat.

Requesting visitor’s email address

If they provide you with their contact details, you can add them to the conversation window. Using the options available on your right-hand side. This is where you can also mark the contact as a subscriber.

Update visitor’s details

All done, your visitor has been saved as a contact and a subscriber!

These are the three ways to collect leads through Tidio. You can later use the contact list to send email campaigns to the customers.

If you have any questions regarding lead collection through Tidio, write to us on chat or via email at [email protected]

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