Spam Checking in Email Marketing Tool

At Tidio, we want to ensure that the email campaigns sent via our Email Marketing tool are delivered to your recipients – free of spam. This article has answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the spam checking procedure.

Spam checking status

Sending a campaign follows strict procedures that allow us to deliver the content free of spam and phishing to the end recipients. Each campaign is checked for spam before it will be sent.

The section inside your Tidio Email Marketing tool where you can check your current email campaign status

Spam checking status is displayed during that process. The anti-spam system may accept or reject the campaign based on various criteria related to the campaign’s content. If the campaign gets rejected by the anti-spam system, the “rejected” status will be displayed. If the anti-spam system accepts the campaign, it will proceed to the “sending” status and will be delivered to the recipients.

Who is eligible for spam checking

All Tidio Email Marketing campaigns are checked for spam. This process is especially important when a new project registers an account and starts sending Email Marketing campaigns.

Sender’s reputation

Our anti-spam system contains its own reputation measurements for each Sender. The more spam-free campaigns sent from a particular account, the better the reputation of the Sender. A higher reputation allows for quicker anti-spam checking and quicker delivery of email campaigns to the recipients.

Content is not the only factor. The anti-spam system checks the deliverability of the recipient’s e-mail addresses. If the percentage of non-existent e-mail addresses is unusually high, the campaign may also be rejected. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that you know your recipients and deliver them good content.

Can I skip the spam checking process?

No. All the campaigns are verified for spam, regardless of how old the project is. However, the higher the reputation, the quicker this process might be. Senders with a high reputation see no delay between clicking “send” and the start of the delivery process.

Will my Email Marketing be blocked if I send spam campaigns?

Yes. Our anti-spam system may block access to the Email Marketing tool if spam campaigns are being sent out. Please refer to our T&C to learn more about the requirements and obligations of Email Marketing users.

If your campaign has been rejected and your account blocked, but you think it is a mistake, please contact our support team.

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