Disabling Tidio for specific subpages

Tidio offers a built-in option for disabling the widget on subpages of your choice. If you would like to disable the chat for specific pages of your website – this feature is exactly for you.

To edit the settings for chat visibility, you need to enter the (1) Channels -> (2) Appearance section in your Tidio panel. By clicking on the (3) Chat Visibility dropdown menu, and selecting the “Advanced Rules” option, you will open a new window where you can configure the settings.


In the new window, you can add the subpages you would like to blacklist. There are separate lists for Desktop and Mobile devices; that way, you may choose if the chat on the specific page will be visible on for desktop user but not for mobile users, or the other way around.


There are some additional options for each list:

Disabling Tidio for “exact address”

Using this option, Tidio will be hidden on that exact address. With this option selected, you need to provide a specific, full URL, and Tidio will be disabled there only.

In the screenshot above, Tidio won’t be visible on for Desktop devices and on for Mobile devices.

Disabling Tidio for “address contains”

The “Address contains” option allows you to exclude a whole group of subpages at once. For example, you can use this way, and Tidio will be disabled for that specific page, but also all the pages that start with that address. A different example: you can simply use /contact, and Tidio will be disabled on every page that includes /contact in the address.

IMPORTANT: While adding a specific URL address, please make sure to copy the whole address from your web browser. This is especially important when using the “Exact address” option.

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