Why does the number of visitors shown in my panel differ from Google Analytics data?

Our algorithm is not exactly the same as the one used in Google Analytics. Your Tidio panel will show the exact number of visitors on your website when the chat is installed on the site. This means that even if your visitors are not active at the moment, or have your website running in the background or in another tab, they are still displayed on the Visitors list.

Conversely, Google Analytics’ real-time reports only include visitors who have triggered an event or pageview within the past 5 minutes. This is why the data in your Tidio panel and in Google Analytics might look different.

If the number of visitors in Google Analytics is higher than the one you can see in your Tidio panel, make sure you are looking at the real-time reports, not the summary. Also, please check if you have your chat widget installed on all of your pages (if it’s installed on one page only, Tidio will only gather the data from that one page).

If you need any more info or help with the Visitors list, feel free to reach out to us via live chat or at [email protected]

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