Customizing the widget on Wix-based websites

The widget can be customized via the Wix Editor. To access the options for it, please go to the Wix Editor, click on the widget, and press the Settings button above it.

The customization settings are grouped into sections:


The main section allows you to open the chat admin panel (also called the Dashboard), through which you’ll be able to go online and answer any incoming messages.


The View mode option allows you to set the preview to show how the widget will look when it’s closed (minimized) or opened (clicked on).

The chat has 2 distinct themes: Modern and Business, which can also have a custom color set just below them. You can also select the location in which the widget will appear on your live website.


Here you can set the global picture which will display itself in the widget before the conversation starts. We recommend you upload your company logo here.

At the bottom, you can set the messages that will be communicated to your customers when you’re not available in the chat. 


In this section, you can modify your status, the label that’s displayed at the top of the widget, and the text appearing on the mobile button.

If you wish to change more texts in the widget or set it to appear in different languages, please use the Translations tool from the chat admin panel. A detailed guide for it is available here.


In order to add a mobile widget through Wix, follow the steps below:

Once Tidio is installed on your Wix site, select the widget in the Wix dashboard and go to Settings.

Open the Mobile Widget option in your Tidio app menu. Then, just select the pages you want to add the widget to. The Mobile-only pop-up will appear.

Choose Edit Mobile View in the Wix mobile editor.

In this section you can decide where the widget should be located. 

You can also edit the mobile widget size so that if suits your needs best. In order to change the size you should drag the widget’s edge around the page.

It’s also possible to adjust the default text of the mobile widget. Simply go to widget settings in your Wix editor (1), then choose the Texts section and edit the Mobile button field. We suggest using less than 50 characters.   

Do not forget to save & publish the changes!

That’s it! Tidio Chat will now be visible for all visitors on your Wix mobile site. 


This option allows you to enable a Pre-Chat Survey.  It will prompt your visitors to fill in a form with some of their info before they’ll be able to chat with you. The survey can ask for 4 fields in total: name, email, 
phone number and/or a GDPR consent. You can toggle which options you want to ask for.


This option allows you to purchase the Premium version of the app, which unlocks additional features. For more information on what’s available in the Premium plan, please visit the Pricing page here.


In case you’ll need more information about the app or any help with it, you can obtain our contact info through this section.

You can also reach out to us via the chat at the bottom of the page or at [email protected]

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