How to Go Offline in Your Tidio Panel

In this article, you will learn everything about the offline mode. We will explain how does it work, how to activate it easily and how to manage incoming conversations when you’re offline.

Topics we will cover in this article:

How your website’s visitors will see the Offline widget

How the Tidio widget looks when you are Offline

We have designed the change of widget appearance to meet the expectations of your website visitors when your status is ‘offline’. Firstly, the offline bar appears at the top widget when someone opens it, allowing you to set a brief message to inform your customers that you are away, or when they can expect a reply.

An offline message will also trigger when any of your visitors attempt to initiate a conversation, asking them to leave their email address so you can follow up on their query when you return. That helps to ensure that the website’s visitors will always see an answer from you!

Offline Status & Offline Message

You can personalize both the offline bar and the offline message to your liking by going to Channels > Appearance in your Tidio Panel.

Changing your status to Offline

There are several ways of changing your status, let’s go through all of them!

Manually on Desktop App

In Tidio, changing your chat from online to offline is as simple as logging all of your operators out from the Tidio Panel, or changing their status from “Online” to “Offline”. To do so, click your name or picture at the top-right corner of the panel and choose an appropriate option from the expandable menu below:

You can change your status by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of Tidio Panel

Manually on Mobile App

To change your status via your mobile app you can click on the avatar in the upper left corner of the app – and then just toggle the switch next to the Offline text. Remember that you’re toggling the ‘Offline’ status! It means that if the switch is “off” – the chat status will remain online. If the toggle is “on” – the chat status will be Offline.

To set yourself to Offline status in mobile App – make sure the Offline button is turned on

Automatically: Do Not Disturb (Offline Hours)

You can enable and adjust the DND schedule in the Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb section. Just switch the Enable toggle, select the day and the intervals at which you wish to be offline. If you want to have, DND active on more than one interval just click on “Add new time rule” and set it up just like the first one. Please, make sure that you have saved the changes!

You and your operators can also schedule ‘Do Not Disturb Hours’ so that your status will be switched to ‘Offline’ automatically during the set hours. This setting works based on your current time zone that you’ve set up in your Tidio panel. 

Just be aware that each operator needs to set their own schedule individually, so if you wish to have a schedule that’s company-wide you’ll need to make sure each person has their hours set. 

Please remember that – if you would like to go back ‘online’ from the DND schedule after the rule ends – you have to be logged in to your Tidio panel.

IMPORTANT: When you are offline – you won’t receive notifications in your Tidio panel. You can only receive the Email Notifications if you are not available to chat with your visitors.


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Where do I edit the offline status and message?

You can do that in the Channels section of your Tidio panel but, you may need to scroll down a bit to find it.

You can edit your Offline status & message in the Channels -> Appearance section

How to receive email notifications when the chat status is Offline?

You can also configure Tidio to forward notifications to your email inbox when your chat is offline, that way you never miss out on a potentially urgent query. To enable that, simply navigate to Settings > Notifications and turn on the option below:

Offline email notifications settings

The Email Notification is sent 5 minutes after the last received message in the chat by the visitor.

How Offline notifications work?

The email notifications work only for the conversations received when you’re offline, that are left as ‘Unassigned’ for at least 5 minutes.

It would notify you on the specified email address, 5 minutes after the last message from a visitor was received. Please note that if you switch your status to online or pick up a conversation before the 5-minute mark, the email notification won’t be sent. 

The notification email itself includes available visitor data and their chat message to you; you can reply to their message by simply responding to that email notification, or logging into your chat panel and answer from there.

The 5 minutes delay has been added to ensure each message is included in the notification you receive. It’s very common for the visitors to send their inquiry in multiple chat messages instead of a single message. If the notification would be sent immediately after the first message, you might end up with lots of emails about conversations containing only “hello” or something similar. With the five-minute delay, you’ll have the full picture of the customer’s issue and you’ll be able to react immediately. 

Hide the Chat Widget when you are Offline

Some of you may not want to receive messages when you are unavailable, so we have catered to your needs as well by giving you the option to hide the widget completely.  Just go to Channels > Live Chat > Appearance and toggle on the option:

If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please reach out to us at [email protected], alternatively, you can reach out to us via our Live Chat.

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