Magento Installation Guide

In this article, we will show you how to easily install Tidio Chat in your Magento Store. The chat will need to be installed manually, but the process is pretty simple:

1. Go to our website and log in to your account (or sign up for a free one if you haven’t registered yet)

2. Once you’ll finish the basic setup, copy the installation code from one of the steps in the tour:

If you already have an account or need to re-use the code again, you’ll find it in Settings > Channels > LiveChat > Integration

3.  Go to your Magento admin page and open the Content menu on the left, then select Configuration from the Design section:

4.  Choose the store in which you want to install the chat, and click on the Edit button in the Action column:

5.  Under Other Settings, expand the HTML Head section, and paste the chat code into the Scripts and Style Sheets box:

Once you save the settings, the chat widget will appear on your website. You can then receive and manage chats in the Tidio panel, accessible through or the dedicated apps (available both for desktops and mobiles).

In case you have any questions or need help with installing the app on your Magento page, please contact us via chat or at [email protected]

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