OpenCart installation guide

In this article, you will learn a method that lets you install Tidio on your OpenCart store. You will need to paste your Tidio account’s JavaScript snippet into a specific field inside your store’s back-end.

To find your account’s JS snippet, log into Tidio and go to Settings > Channels > Live Chat > Integration. You will find the code there — you will need it in a moment. Please follow the steps below to install the code in OpenCart:

1. Log into your OpenCart admin panel and go to System (the gear icon on the left). Click on Settings in the menu that opens.

accessing OpenCart system settings
Accessing your OpenCart system settings

2. Click on the Edit button on the far right.

editing OpenCart store setttings
Editing your OpenCart store settings

3. Click on the Server tab.

opening OpenCart server settings
Opening the server settings

4. Now it’s time to use your Tidio JS code; make sure you’ve copied it correctly, and then paste the code within the Google Analytics Code field. If you have some other code there (e.g. the actual Google Analytics script), you can place the Tidio script directly above or below.

placing Tidio JavaScript code in OpenCart
Placing your Tidio JavaScript snippet

That’s it! Make sure to save your changes, and Tidio should be installed on your OpenCart store.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact us live on chat at, or send us an email at [email protected].

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