How to Install Tidio on WIX

In this article, we will tell you how to install the Tidio chat widget on your WIX website by using our official Tidio plugin.

Please visit our official plugin page in Wix App Market  

How to integrate Tidio with your WIX website

NOTE: Please note that you don’t need an account at to add Tidio to your Wix website.

To install Tidio on your WIX account – log in to your Wix panel and go to the Wix site editor of your website by clicking on ‘Edit Site

Select the Wix App market from the menu on the left and search for “Tidio”.

Search for Tidio in the Wix App Market to install Tidio chat widget on your WIX website

Next, click on the Add to Site button for the Tidio Live Chat plugin.

Click on the ‘Add to site’ button to add the Tidio chat widget to your WIX website

Select Add App on a pop-up window and the system will take you back to your Wix editor.

Confirm that you would like to install Tidio app by clicking on the ‘Add App’ button

The Tidio Chat plugin will appear at the bottom right of your screen.

After adding the Tidio chat widget to your website – you will be able to see it in your WIX website editor

Click on the Open Dashboard button to log into your Tidio Chat panel. You don’t need an account at to log in.

You will be able to complete the registration later on.

Select the Settings button above the app to open the app settings and customize the appearance of your chat. 

Click on the ‘settings’ button above the Tidio chat widget to expand the list with the chat widget settings

After clicking Open Dashboard you will be automatically transferred to your chat panel where you can finish creating your account.

NOTE: If you’ve been redirected to main page – please go back to Wix and try again. You may need to use another browser to be able to open Tidio panel correctly.

Troubleshooting steps

Please, take a look into the most frequently asked questions:

I can’t see the Tidio widget even though I have installed it in my Wix – what to do?

You need to have the header and footer section turned on in the Wix Page Settings to see the chat. First, make sure to enable the header/footer in the Layout tab of your Page Settings in your Wix editor

Make sure that header/footer is enabled in your Wix editor

Then, clear your cache and refresh the website.

For additional information, please check the Wix Support article about the header and footer section.

I can’t log in with my account created at – what to do?

You can only create an account via the plugin – we are not able to link existing accounts into a plugin. Please use a different email address or contact our support.

In case you run into any troubles during installation, please contact us via chat on our website or at [email protected]

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