Automatic Contacts Import – Shopify

Tidio started updating your contacts in Shopify automatically.

We started sending all the contact data collected during conversations held in Tidio (such as email, name, and phone number) to your Shopify admin panel. This contact information will be found in the Customers tab in your Shopify admin panel. Every time you update a contact’s name, email, or phone in Tidio, we will update them in your Shopify panel as well.

Since Shopify has a strict policy on the format of phone number and email addresses, it is possible that a user who posted a random number like 111 111 111 may not come through and may not be updated in Shopify. Here’s more about the accepted phone formats. Same rules affect emails – some email addresses may not be accepted by Shopify if they come from a fictional or temporary hosting. 

Each contact imported from Tidio will have a tag “Customer imported from Tidio”:

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