Send Shopify Products to Customers Directly From Tidio

This article will show you how to send your Shopify products to customers via chat directly from the Tidio panel.

You do not need to switch between Tidio and your Shopify store anymore to send a link to the products to your website’s visitors. From now on, you can browse all the products in the Tidio panel and send them as product cards in chat conversations with your customers.

How to send a product via chat?

To send a product via the chat widget, head over to the Conversations tab within your Tidio admin panel. Open the chat conversation with your website’s visitor and look on the right-hand profile menu. Under the tag section, you’ll see the “Send a product card” button.

A profile menu on the right-hand side inside the chat conversation in the Tidio panel

By clicking on the “Send a product card” button, you will open your Shopify Product Directory. Now, you can look through your products on the list or search for the one you’re looking for via the search bar.

You can search by name, type, tag, vendor, and more!

Search bar in the Shopify product directory

Troubleshooting – If you do not see the products

If you don’t see your products, but instead, the reintegration button is displayed, you need to provide Tidio consent to use your Product Directory. Just click “Reintegrate Now” and allow us to display your products.

The reintegration button gives consent to Tidio to display all your Shopify products at Tidio

How to send a product?

Sending a product, it’s super-easy! Just click on a product, and it will be sent to your customer via chat. It’s possible to send the product via two channels: live chat and Messenger.

NOTE: You won’t be able to send a product card to the mail channel.

Sent Product Card will contain two things: product image and its title. Remember that you can send one product at a time.

How do I know if a customer clicks on a product?

In case a customer clicks on a product you’ve sent, a new message with the product name will appear on the chat. You will always know whether your customer decided to check out the product you have sent.

A new message informing that the customer has clicked on the product link

What products can I see in the Product tab?

You have to remember to correctly configure your products in the Shopify panel to be able to send them via Tidio.

To do that, make sure you have:

  • Added the SKU to the product
  • Set Product Status to “Active”

and that’s it! You can send your Shopify products to your customers directly from the Tidio panel!

In case you run into any trouble or you will have a question to our team, please contact us via chat on our website or at [email protected]

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