How to Cancel My Subscription

To cancel your paid subscription, you will need to log into your Tidio panel.

Important! Please note that the following steps are not applicable for subscriptions purchased on Wix. To cancel such a subscription, please refer to Wix support.


Firstly, select Settings from the list of menus available on the left side of your Tidio panel.

You will find the settings section on the left in your Tidio panel

Once you’re in the Settings menu, choose the Account tab and click Cancel to stop any further billing and downgrade your subscription to Basic.

The ‘cancel’ button is located in the account section inside the settings panel

Make sure that you’ve done the following steps as well:

  1. Turn off any recurring payments set up in Paypal – if you have chosen PayPal for your billing option
  2. Uninstall the plugin (or remove the code) from your website if you wish to stop using Tidio.

If you have any questions regarding the downgrade or the available features, please contact us on our live chat at or at [email protected]

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