Gosia Szaniawska-Schiavo

Senior Content Writer

As a Senior Content Writer by heart and trade, Gosia explores the subjects of digital experience and trend watching on Tidio's blog.

Gosia Szaniawska-Schiavo

About me

Gosia writes articles and original research studies for the Tidio blog. She makes sure her content is extremely informative and thorough, but not devoid of wit and delight. Her belief is that providing human insight is going to become even more important as AI-assisted communication solutions take over.

Gosia holds a master’s degree in English and her professional interests revolve around the optimization of digital experience, human-AI collaboration, and trend watching.

Before joining Tidio, she worked as a content specialist for SaaS companies, B2B agencies, and a translation startup.

Privately, an avid traveler and a foodie, she often lives her life out of a suitcase. In her free time, she reads books, watches an unhealthy amount of movies, and volunteers.

Some of my articles

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