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Wondering which chatbot is best for your business?

Chatbot suggester will guide you through different types of chatbots. All the chatbot examples were chosen to suit the needs of online stores, services, bloggers, and SaaS companies.

We scripted short dialogues to illustrate each chatbot in action. A lot of them will need your input so go ahead and join the chat!

You are welcome to try our tool if you are curious about what chatbots are good for and how they can help you achieve your business goals.

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    What is a chatbot?

    It’s an artificial online customer assistant that can automate your daily routine tasks.

    Do you have any other tools I can use for free?

    Yes, we do! On our Tools web page, you will find such handy tools as Image Resizer and ROI Calculator.

    How many types of chatbots are there?

    There are as many chatbots as there are needs that each business or individual faces. The collection of chatbots we prepared for you is not a definite list of chatbots, but rather a collection of the most popular chatbot types.

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