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Say goodbye to overflowing live chats. Lyro delivers personalized support to customers, as a human service agent would. Join the waitlist and be among the first to see Lyro in action.

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Better support limits without hiring costs

Maximize your support capacity without extra staff expenses. Reply to customer messages with a conversational AI that sounds human.   Lyro handles up to 80% of common customer questions, freeing up your real agents to solve complex tickets.   Improve your response times and increase customer satisfaction with automated support conversations.

Better support limits without hiring costsBetter support limits without hiring costs

Boost user satisfaction with AI conversations

Answer most customer questions with automated human-like conversations.   Instead of offering generic replies, Lyro provides meaningful answers using fluid, natural language.   Lyro understands context, remembers previous replies, and asks customers questions to make sure they’re satisfied with the information they receive.

svg-animationBoost user satisfaction with AI conversations

Skip the training. Start engaging customers

Automate your customer service in an instant.   Lyro is easy to implement and doesn’t require training.   Activate Lyro with one click to answer customer questions with conversations 24/7.   Lyro is also brand-safe. It uses only the data you provide to give accurate answers.

Skip the training. Start engaging customersSkip the training. Start engaging customers

See how Lyro improves customer experience

Engages customers

Engages customers

Greets new and returning customers and asks how it can help

Makes your FAQs conversational

Makes your FAQs conversational

Answers questions with human-like language, taking previous replies into account

Secures customer satisfaction

Secures customer satisfaction

Asks follow-up questions to ensure customers get the information they need

Guides customers to resources

Guides customers to resources

Recommends relevant content and directs customers to additional resources

Provides data-backed answers

Provides data-backed answers

Stays within the limits of your knowledge base to minimize hallucinations

Identifies popular topics

Identifies popular topics

Highlights questions that are redirected to real agents so you can add more automations

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Yes, if you join the waitlist you’ll get a premium feature for free. Check out other popular questions

Is Lyro free?

Lyro is a premium feature and you can only access it through the Tidio+ plan.

What is the difference between Tidio's regular chatbots and Lyro?

Regular chatbots rely on pre-designed conversational paths while Lyro uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand questions and have human-like conversations with customers. Lyro can ask customers additional questions to provide more details and make sure customers are satisfied.

Are you using ChatGPT to power Lyro?

No, we are not. We’re using Claude (Anthropic AI). We use Claude to power Lyro because this Large Language Model (LLM) has been fine-tuned with the goal of becoming helpful, honest, and harmless - making it the most trustworthy LLM on the market.

Is Lyro secure for my data?

Yes. We use Claude (Anthropic AI) to power Lyro. Claude is the most secure LLM on the market right now. It uses industry-standard best practices for data handling and retention.

How can Lyro answer customer questions without any training and with one-click activation?

Lyro automatically scrapes your FAQ content and uses it as its knowledge base. If the required information is part of your FAQs, Lyro will answer the customer’s question. If the answer is not part of your FAQs, Lyro will automatically forward the question to a human agent.

What is Intent Analytics?

Intent Analytics is a premium feature. It helps you prioritize the tasks, learn about the conversation topics without even reading them, and take care of chats that may need an urgent response.

This feature helps you see what your customers ask about, allowing you to plan and implement automated conversations. It also enables you and your team to manage your time more efficiently by dividing the conversation topics between agents or departments.

What are the benefits of Lyro?

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Tidio’s Lyro analyzes customer questions and delivers human-like answers in seconds. This enables your customers to receive the information they need 24/7, increasing their satisfaction.
  • Increase your support team’s efficiency: Lyro detects and answers questions about order status, shipping policies, product availability, and more, within milliseconds. This frees up your operators to focus on complex or profitable issues so you can make your business more profitable.
  • Scalable solution: Lyro learns new answers as your business grows and your needs change. Lyro learns new information as you expand your knowledge base, so it can create new automated workflows as opportunities arise.

Is Lyro effective?

Yes, it is. And its machine-learning algorithm makes it more effective over time. Lyro measures the helpfulness of its answers after customer interactions. Then, Lyro uses the data to adapt to incoming questions.

You can also help Lyro get even more accurate over time by assessing its performance and providing it with more FAQ content to fill in its blind spots. This enables Lyro to answer more questions, reducing your customers’ waiting time even further.

How can I get started with Tidio AI today?

Tidio offers multiple AI features besides Lyro.

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