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Sales Chatbots

Engage customers with chatbots made to sell

Choose out of 35+ pre-designed chatbots that we created with the best ecommerce sales tactics in mind. Or, build your own chatbots with our drag-and-drop builder.

Recommend products, send discounts, and answer questions about current offer 24/7. Convince your visitors to make a purchase and see your sales skyrocket on the spot.

AI response bots

Automate work with self-learning AI Bots

Tired of answering repetitive questions? Our self-learning AI Response Bots can handle up to 47% of customer queries without creating a single ticket!

AI Response Bots use machine learning to analyze customers’ questions, categorize them, and then pick the best response. So, your team can focus on other issues.

Customer experience suite

Manage your entire business in one place

Stop switching between multiple platforms and wasting time. Tidio has all your favorite features and tools in one place. Live chat, chatbots, integrations, multichannel, team departments, ticketing system - it’s all here

Respond to messages, manage store orders, assign team duties, and do much more with a single customer experience solution. Tidio is powerful, yet simple, just like you need it.

Free & Paid plans

Get all you need in one plan, and at a fair price

Pricing should be transparent and adjust to your needs, right? That’s why at Tidio, things are simple.

You can start with a free plan with all the essential features. Then, when you're ready to grow, our paid plans will give you access to all features at once, so you won't need to make hard choices. All at a much lower price than Live Chat.

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Get more leads

GET THIS PROGRAM - it has already boosted my sales leads by 34% in a matter of hours. Don't waste your time, searching - Tidio does it all. I am very pleased how they helped get me started too.

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Increase conversion rate

My conversion rate went from 1.4 to 4.8! This is amazing and makes me a lot of money automatically!

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Generate more sales

Tidio helped me make over 60k in sales in just a few months. Customer retention rate is a lot higher and a benefit is the sales!

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Increase satisfaction rate

Since having Tidio integrated into our website we have seen sales nearly double and positive reviews triple.

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Estimate your online business performance with Tidio’s sales chatbots

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