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Shopify Live Chat: How to Install It in Your Store [4 Easy Steps]

Kazimierz Rajnerowicz · Updated
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This isn’t exactly rocket science—

If your customers are unable to reach you quickly, they’ll go away. Simple as that.

This is why your Shopify store needs a live chat option.

The best part? You can easily add live chat to your Shopify store for free with a plugin from the official Shopify Apps website.

To install your live chat Shopify widget:

  1. Go to your Shopify admin panel
  2. Click Apps and Shop for apps
  3. Type live chat in the search bar
  4. Choose Tidio Live Chat and click Add App

Let’s have a quick look at these steps in a bit more detail:

Step 1: Go to your Shopify admin panel

To add live chat to a Shopify store you need to sign in to your Shopify account.

Shopify login panel

Technically, you can skip this step and go directly to the Shopify app store. But the safest way is to access it is via your admin panel.

Pro-Tip: If you don’t have your own Shopify store yet, it’s not a problem. Check out our guide to learn how to start a Shopify store.

Step 2: Click Apps and Shop for apps

On the left-side menu, go to the Apps section. Once it opens, you can click the button that will redirect you to the official Shopify app store.

How to access the Shopify app store

The app marketplace should recognize that you are logged in. If not, it may ask your Shopify login credentials again.

Step 3: Type live chat in the search bar

Once you are on the Shopify App Store, search for live chat. Notice that the very top results are ads. Once you go past the advertisements, you’ll see the organic results and the apps with the best rating and the highest number of reviews and downloads.

App search results for live chat on Shopify

Tidio Live Chat & Chatbots for Shopify will be the top result.

Step 4: Choose Tidio Live Chat and click Add App

Open the website to learn more about the Shopify live chat plugin by Tidio. When you are ready to add live chat to Shopify, click the Add app button.

Tidio live chat for Shopify app homepage

You’ll be redirected back to the main admin panel of your Shopify store.

Shopify live chat integration panel

Click Install app to install the live chat app on your Shopify store.

The Shopify chat widget will automatically integrate with your website. The initial configuration tour should start immediately afterward.

Live chat widget customization options

Customize the look of the Shopify live chat button. Provide basic information about your store, and choose your welcome messages. Once you’re done, you can start chatting with your Shopify store visitors!

To access the Tidio live chat panel, go to the Apps section and click Tidio Live Chat to access your Tidio account.

How to open Shopify live chat

Pro-Tip: If you don’t want to open Tidio manually, install the desktop app or the mobile app. They offer an easy-to-use interface and a great user experience. Shopify store owners who talk with their customers via the mobile live chat app increase their average order value by 38%! We happen to know it for a fact.

Shopify Live Chat Integration

Have you managed to install the chat app on Shopify? It wasn’t difficult at all, was it?

The 3-minute Shopify live chat plugin installation is just the beginning. The integration goes much deeper.

You can use the Shopify live chat integration to connect chat statistics with your sales performance

With Tidio Live Chat for Shopify you can:

  • Monitor how live chat conversations influence your sales on Shopify
  • Set up automations and messages triggered by custom Shopify events
  • Recover abandoned carts and use custom chatbot templates for Shopify stores
  • Import your existing Shopify contacts and use Tidio as your CRM solution
  • Automatic delivery tracking and FAQ messages

You can integrate Tidio with your favorite Shopify apps too. There are many tried and tested plugin setups that Shopify users love.

Find out more Shopify plugins here: 27 Best Shopify Apps for Your Store

Best Features & Summary

Here is a quick recap:

  • You can install a free Shopify live chat app like Tidio and use it as long as you want for free (3 operator seats and unlimited conversations included)
  • Installing a live chat plugin via the official Shopify app store takes less than 3 minutes
  • Live chat allows you to connect with your customers and resolve their issues instantly
  • Tidio Live Chat offers deep integration with advanced Shopify features such as analytics
  • You can automate your marketing and customer service with AI Shopify chatbots and email marketing tools that are included within the main live chat service

Are you ready to give it a try and see if you can close an additional sale thanks to the live chat today?

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