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Reduce your response time to less than 3 minutes

The average customer service email response time is above 2,5h. Reply to your customers before they search for answers and buy somewhere else.


Turn 3 times more visitors into paying customers

Up to 98% of your website visitors leave without buying. With live chat, you can keep them on your website, answer their questions, and drive more sales.

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I increased sales from $8,000 to $30,000 with Tidio Live Chat!

Installing Tidio live chat app was one of the best business decisions I have made. Many customers complete purchases right after we answer their inquiries via live chat.

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How to use Tidio Live Chat

Live chat allows business owners and customers to connect in
real-time. It is the fastest and easiest way to send
messages to your website visitors.

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Boost your sales with customer service, wherever you are

Talk to your customers from your office or on the go - we’ve got you covered. Keep the conversation going with the browser, desktop or mobile apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add live chat to a website?

You can add free live chat on your website in 5 minutes. Create your Tidio account and connect it with your website by installing a WordPress plugin or Shopify Store app. Or copy/paste your Tidio public key to any HTML website. That’s all!

How long will it take to implement live chat on my website?

The installation process itself takes only several minutes. You can add the live chat widget to your website right away. You may want to set your avatar, customize the look of your plugin, and change some of the default messages. It all should take less than 30 minutes.

Can I use live chat without a credit card?

Tidio is free. You can use all the basic features without providing any credit card information. That includes unlimited live chat conversations. Tidio never charges you for talking with visitors.

Is live chat free?

Tidio offers a free live chat plugin with unlimited contacts and conversations. It is the most advanced free live chat software available on the market. You can use the freemium version as long as you want. There is no catch.

How long can I use the premium features with Tidio Live Chat free trial?

You’ll be able to use premium features such as Live Typing Preview and detailed Visitors List for 7 days. After that, you can still use Tidio for free with unlimited contacts and conversations.

Do I have to be available on live chat all the time?

No. You can set your own Do-Not-Disturb schedule and be available only during specific days or hours. You can also send automatic messages and auto-responses to frequently asked questions. After some time, you’ll see what works best for your website.

Does live chat affect website performance?

Tidio Live Chat is among the lightest live chat widgets. It does not affect your website performance.

Is live chat safe?

Tidio handles more than 2,000,000 conversations every month. All Tidio conversations and details exchanged during chats are encrypted using the 256bit SSL protocol and one-way hash algorithms. Tidio allows you to be GDPR compliant as well.

What is the average ROI for live chat?

The average Return On Investment for implementing live chat is between 250-300%. Live chat will increase your average conversion rate, boost the average order value, and improve customer retention. You can also use the free version, which would obviously make your ROI for live chat = infinity 😉

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