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Tidio's tools and features

See how Tidio can help your business

Live Chat

Offer a clear route for customer questions and provide immediate answers through a lightweight live chat widget.

Live typing

Speed up your replies by previewing what users write before they hit the "send" button and preparing your answer.

Canned responses

Create a library of common answers and use them to reply in seconds.

Tidio AI Reply Assistant

Instantly turn basic answers into professional-looking ones with GPT 3.5 technology.

Ban users

Block users from accessing the widget based on their IP address.

Chat page

Send your customers to a dedicated chat window instead of talking with them through the widget.


Save transcripts for your records or send them to clients via email.

Pre-chat survey

Collect your customers' contact data before the chat starts.


Send supported files via chat: .jpg .jpeg .png .txt .rtf .xlsx .docx .pdf .gif, and videos.

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Free plan available. Easy installation in under 5 minutes.

Tags and contact properties

Add tags and contact details to customer profiles so you can personalize your conversations and improve customer experience.


Add multiple languages to your widget and use special characters when talking to international customers in their native languages.

Measure customer satisfaction

Collect feedback and assess the quality of your customer service.

Operating hours

Set your working hours and let visitors know when they can find you online.

Read receipt

See if the visitor read your messages.

Live visitor list

See all your website visitors and the pages they're browsing in real-time. Offer custom advice based on their activity.

Automatic chat assignment

Speed up your response time by automatically directing new chats to available operators.

Offline message

Inform customers that you're not available and collect their email addresses to contact them later.


Boost your lead gen and sales funnels with Flows - no-code automation paths that trigger at crucial moments in the customer journey.

Visual automation builder

Intuitive, visual Flows builder - Create custom automations without coding skills.

40+ e-commerce templates

Plug-and-play Flows scenarios to help you engage users and sell more.

Flows in live conversations

Create Flows and use them to save time during client conversations.

Data collection

Automatically collect contact details from your customers.

Post communication surveys

Collect customer feedback after the chat ends.

Respond when operators are busy

Send pre-designed conversation Flows to customers when none of your agents are available.

Save abandoned carts

Convince people who are about to abandon their carts to complete their purchases by sending them automated discounts.

Connect to third-party platforms

Use Flows to send data in third-party tools.

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Scroll percentage trigger

Automatically perform specific actions when a visitor reaches a certain page scroll depth.

Mobile-specific actions

Activate different automation paths for mobile users.

Transfer to operator

Send pre-configured, translatable messages to customers asking for human support.

Lyro AI Chatbot

Win up to 70% of your team’s time back by answering common questions and performing recurring tasks with a truly conversational AI.

Simple, configurable setup

Add Lyro AI Chatbot to your website with a few clicks. Share links to your support content to feed it with your data, and the AI is good to go.

Data-backed answers

Lyro AI Chatbot answers customers using only your support knowledge to minimize hallucinations.


Lyro AI Chatbot uses your support content to answer customers in dozens of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.


Lyro AI Chatbot answers customers on all your live communication channels - live chat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

Smart redirections

Lyro AI Chatbot redirects customers who ask for information outside its knowledge to your support department.

Human-like conversations

Lyro AI Chatbot understands context and asks clarifying questions when necessary, making the conversations feel natural.


Understand how the audience interacts with your support system.

Time saved calculator

See Lyro AI Chatbot's answer rate and how many customer problems it solved.

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Free plan available. Easy installation in under 5 minutes.


See how Lyro AI Chatbot responds to customer questions based on the data you shared and update its knowledge base accordingly.

Instant updates

Update Lyro AI Chatbot’s knowledge base so it adapts its responses based on the new data in an instant.

Conversation control

Track Lyro AI Chatbot’s conversations in real-time and jump in to take over the conversation whenever you want.

Multiple sources

Update Lyro AI Chatbot’s information using multiple information sources in different data formats, such as links, PDF files, and manual entries.

Missed questions

Get a list of the questions Lyro AI Chatbot didn’t answer so you can update its knowledge base.


Lyro AI Chatbot can perform various tasks, such as check order statuses, creating tickets, offering discounts, and more.

Custom name

Change Lyro AI Chatbot's name to something that suits your brand and messaging.

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Free plan available. Easy installation in under 5 minutes.

Contact sales

Order Management (for Shopify)

Use in-build Shopify actions during conversations. Preview carts, recommend products, see your customers' order history, and manage orders without leaving the chat window.

Shopping cart preview

See what your clients have in their carts in real time so you can provide tailored answers to their questions.

Order history

Check what your clients ordered in the past so you can personalize your advice.

Recommend products

Suggest specific products directly from the chat window.

Manage orders

Cancel orders, change shipping addresses, and offer refunds directly from the chat window.

Offer discounts

Send customers custom coupon codes without leaving the chat window.

Check delivery zones (via Flows)

Allow clients to check available order zones on their own.


Shorten your time to resolution and boost customer satisfaction with a smart ticketing system. Manage, assign, prioritize, and reply to customers requests in one place.

Create tickets from chats and emails

Turn chats and emails into tickets so it's easier for your team to understand context.


Use tags to organize your tickets.


Set different priority levels to highlight a ticket's urgency.

Track operator tickets

Oversee your team's tickets to assess their work and ensure consistency.

Tickets history

Store all your tickets in one place so you can access them whenever necessary.

Switch ownership

Change a ticket's ownership whenever you need to.

Advanced ticket filtering

Create custom filters so you can manage your tickets with ease.

Spam management

Mark unimportant messages as spam to keep your inbox clutter-free.

Smart views

See how your team tackles various subjects. Track and analyze specific topics to gain valuable insights.


Redirect customers to the right person or department in your team so you can resolve customer problems faster.


Split your operators in multiple departments.

Automated ticket routing

Speed up your response time by automatically routing tickets to the right department.

Personal notifications

Notify specific operators about the tickets they're managing.

Auto Solve

Automatically solve tickets when they’re done.

Reassign with Flows

Allow users to choose the department they want to contact via conversation Flows.


Understand how the audience interacts with your support system.


Determine the contribution Tidio made to your sales value.

Conversation-related metrics

Track crucial support KPIs, including number of conversations, missed conversations, hourly occupation, first response time, and time to close.

Operator performance

Evaluate your team's performance and filter the data by operator.

Channel performance

See how each of your communication channels performs.

Flows performance

Assess the performance of your automation Flows.


See how many leads you collected with Tidio.

Improvement suggestions

Get advice on how to improve specific metrics.


Generate charts to analyze and compare data across different time periods.

Satisfaction rate

Uncover insights on your CSAT using customer ratings.

Communication channels

Handle messages from all your communication channels in a single dashboard.

Live Chat

Answer customers quickly when they're browsing your website.


Connect multiple email inboxes to Tidio.


Reply to Instagram DMs and Story reactions either manually or using automated Flows.


Use Live Chat and Flows to talk to your clients on Messenger.


Offer instant, 24/7 support on WhatsApp with conversation Flows.


Adjust the look and feel of your Tidio widget to your branding to create a seamless experience.

Background color & picture

Set custom colors and profile pictures.

Widget position

Position your Tidio widget on the right or left side of the screen.

Remove Tidio branding

Hide the Tidio logo from your live chat widget.

Chat visibility

Set different visibility options per device and site.

Offline visibility

Turn the widget on or off based on your working hours.

Welcome screen

Customize the message users see when they open the chat window.


Limit the access your operators have to selected sections/features of your Tidio panel.


Add multiple languages to your widget and your welcome messeges will be displayed in the visitor’s default browser language.

API documentation

Make it easy for your developers to connect to Tidio via API.

Script templates

Script templates help you adjust your widget.


We're here to help you whenever you need. Our average response time is of only 1 minute.

Email support

Connect with our support team over email and get answers to all of your questions. Available 24h/day, Mon-Fri.

Live Chat support

Contact us through the live chat widget and we'll get back to you in minutes. Available 24h/day, Mon-Fri.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Our dedicated customer success managers recommend support and lead generation chatbot scenarios, highlight optimization opportunities, and more. They help you make the most out of your Tidio subscription.

Dedicated implementation specialist

Our implementation team will help you set up your solution and connect it with third-party business apps.

Account reviews

Get reports on your account setup and uncover actionable insights that can help you improve your support and lead generation processes.

Training sessions

Learn how to use Tidio directly from one of our specialists.

Flows building assistance

Consult with one of our specialists to create Flows scenarios that are tailored to your website.


Adjust the look and feel of your Tidio widget to your branding to create a seamless experience.


macOS app

Windows app

iOS app

Android app


Connect Tidio to your website builder and pair it with your tech stack.

E-commerce platforms

Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopware, and others.

Email marketing tools

Klavyio, Mailchimp.


Hubspot, Agile CRM, Zoho CRM.


Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics.

Sales & marketing

Hubspot, Zendesk, Pipedrive.


Integrate Tidio with your data through OpenAPI to streamline processes and improve efficiency.


Connect to hundreds of apps via Zapier.