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Communicator Communicate better and faster than ever

Live typing Live Visitor list Viewed Pages
Use Live typing to see what your customers are typing before they even hit the enter key.
See when visitors are live on your site thanks to a Visitor list. Track which pages they’re currently browsing or what country they come from.
Track which pages your visitor has visited and which one they’re currently browsing to strengthen your sales strategy.
for 3 operators
( for any further operator)

Or, if you want to convert customers using methods you’ve never used before:

Chatbots Package Convert leads into customers, automatically
Recover abandoned cart Build returning visitors loyalty Use autoreply when you are not around Say "Hello" to new visitors
Send automatic messages every time a cart has been left and win it back!
Set up chatbots with special offers - this is the easiest way to increase your sales!
Set up chatbots when an operator is busy or just doesn’t reply.
Send welcome messages so that new users feel at home.
for 5000 unique users on your website

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most popular pricing-related questions our customers ask.

Is the Basic version really free?

Yes! We want to help you improve your business. This is why the Basic version costs you nothing. And this is forever! You can also try other options free of charge – no credit card information is necessary to sign up and try Tidio out.

How many operators can I have?

We give all users 3 seats by default, more can be purchased after upgrading with the Communicator plan.

Can I choose what to upgrade?

Yes! Both plans are sold separately, so you can choose if you need more features, operator seats or raise the monthly chatbots limit.

Does the free plan allow using bots?

Yes! The free plan also gives you a pack of monthly triggers, and gives you all the bot settings to create any scenario you need.

What is the Chatbots limit?

We count every unique visitor that uses a chatbot scenario, so if the same person triggers more bots on your website - we won’t deduct anything.

When does the Chatbots limit refresh?

The limit is monthly, so it refreshes every 30 days from the moment you started using the service.

Can I use the chat on more than one website?

Yes! You can use the same account on multiple websites at a time, however please note that you’ll be using the same exact chat on them (same colour, position, etc.)

Can I change my subscription anytime?

Yes! You can add more operators or raise the chatbots limit while having an active subscription, the payment for it will be prorated and will appear on the next invoice. You can also downgrade your account anytime as well.

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