• Email Marketing

    How to Start an Email [20+ Best Greetings & Opening Lines]

    Hi, Hello, Dear Ms., or maybe Dear Mx.? Discover the best email greetings and opening lines. Everything you need to know to start an email with a bang.

  • Business Growth

    10+ Lead Magnet Ideas for Businesses [+Examples to Inspire Yours]

    Considering a lead magnet to grow your email list? This guide has 10+ proven lead magnet ideas for all types of businesses.

  • Business Growth

    20 Best Places to Sell Online [Platforms & Websites to Sell Items]

    What is the best place to sell stuff online? Is it eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or your custom online store? Let's find out what is the best way to sell online in 2020.

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    Customer Satisfaction: All You Need to Know in 2021 [+Tips]

    Happy customers are essential for a business. In fact, 96% of customers say satisfaction is crucial for their choice of and loyalty to a brand.

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    10 Best Chat Widgets for Your Website [2021 Reviews]

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    Want a Chatbot to Succeed? Give It a Personality

    Why do some chatbots are used by hundreds of thousands of people, while others are discarded? Our study suggests giving bots personality contributes to its success.

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    What Makes a Website Trustworthy? Ecommerce Trust Statistics

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    Chatbot Design: Best Practices & 12 Inspiring Tips for 2021

    Chatbot design principles illustrated with examples. Learn about best practices and useful hacks to design better and more engaging chatbots.

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    How to Use WordPress [Tutorial for Beginners]

    WordPress is the largest content management system in the world. Find out how to make a WordPress website for your business.

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    Grammar Drama: These Common Grammar Mistakes Make You’re* Company Look Dumb

    In the digital space, where written text dominates, common grammar mistakes can profoundly influence your image. Find out how attentive to grammar people are and which errors are best to avoid.

  • Shopify

    Shopify Pricing Plans in 2021: What You’re Really Going to Pay

    Are you checking out Shopify plans for a full-time eCommerce business or just a side-gig? In this article you’ll find out which Shopify plan best serves your needs.

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    15 Inbound Marketing Strategies for 2021 [Guide & Resources]

    Inbound marketing strategies convert more leads for less. Learn how, with a complete list of inbound strategies and the best free resources.

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    WhatsApp Chatbot for Businesses [A Quick Guide]

    WhatsApp is more than a casual messaging app. Companies use WhatsApp chatbots to automate their messaging. Can a WhatsApp chatbot work for your business?

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    What Is The Best Time To Send Emails in 2021?

    The right message delivered at the right time has the real power to engage your audience. Find out what is the best time to send emails, elevate your email marketing, and improve sales.