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Case Studies

  • Case Studies

    How Wicklewood’s Team of Two Used Tidio to Compete with Ikea

    Can a small business make a big change? You bet! Here's how a sustainable home decor company leveraged Tidio chatbots to provide exceptional customer experience and beat the competition...

  • Case Studies

    How a Social Enterprise Used Chat to Boost Ticket Sales via Facebook

    Did you know that website visitors expect answers in less than 30 seconds? Check out how the top Cambodian circus uses ultra-fast live chat for booking tickets and online marketing.

  • Small Wallets case studyCase Studies

    How to Recreate In-Store Customer Experience Online and Boost Sales

    Online shopping is fast and convenient. Yet, it's the companies that really personalize this experience that achieve the best results. Learn how to do it, too!

  • Case Studies

    How We Turned Cat Travel Bag Idea Into a $100K/year Side Business

    Looking for tips to delight your customers with your service? AI chatbots are here to help! This case study will give you ideas to take your CX (and sales) to another level.

  • Cover image for the article about starting a personalized items businessCase Studies

    How I Built a Successful Personalized Items Business During COVID-19

    Looking for new business ideas? This story is for you. Learn how to start a profitable side hustle even in the midst of a global crisis.

  • HealthyBreeze Cover ImageCase Studies

    How I Made $23.000 in High Ticket Sales After (Almost) Going Bankrupt

    Learn how to build a fortune-making dropshipping business from scratch. Real-life case study. Plus a free chatbot tutorial at the end!

  • Pooch Bandana Cover ImageCase Studies

    How My Dog Accessories Store Doubled Sales with Chatbots (in 7 Days)

    Learn how to make more money with your online store by adding (free) chatbots. Check out Pooch Bandana's story of finding a profitable pet business idea and get inspired!