Offer a Discount to Shoppers
Who Abandoned Carts

Shopify merchants who struggle with cart abandonment can
use chatbots to help them recover their lost profit.

What does this
chatbot do?

It activates the moment it spots a customer who returned from the checkout without completing the purchase process. It tags customers who abandoned their carts and offers them a small discount. Your bot may also ask for a reason for cart abandonment.

custom chatbot template

Messages examples

You almost had it! How about a 15% discount to help you complete the order?

Hey! Is everything alright? If you have encountered any issues during the checkout process or need assistance, we’re here to help.

Hi! Is there anything we can do to help you proceed with your order?

How to build this chatbot?


Start with the New event trigger and select “abandoned cart.”


Add the Send a chat message action and customize the message.


Add the Add a tag action and label it (e.g., “abandoned_cart”).


Partial profit recovery
A chatbot will try to persuade the customers to complete their orders.
Customer feedback
A chatbot will help you discover issues you were not aware of or collect valuable customer insights.
Easy retargeting
You can easily segment customers who were tagged by the bot and email them a personalized abandoned cart email sequence.

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