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Top 10 Most Innovative Chatbots Examples

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More and more companies are using chatbots services. Today, we’ll show you a few interesting real-life bot examples! Chatbots can help in streamlining processes and determining what is important for our clients.

They are able to use direct messages to provide effective support. Being on the front line with the customers, they are able to help them and redirect to human employees only when necessary. They can, for example, find out why customers have decided to visit our website or give them some recommendations.

What’s more, chatbots have an excellent memory — they will remember the customer’s choices and during the next visit will help in the shopping process, they will also remind them about new products or promotions.

But what are the benefits of using chatbots for businesses?

Let’s see what the latest research has to say about advantages of business chatbots. Predictions suggests that by 2020 chatbots will be involved in 85% of all activities between companies and customers.

And what will this mean for business? Is it good? We think so because it turns out that one of the main benefits of using chatbots is an increase in sales!

Research conducted by InsideSales and published in Harvard Business Review has reported that a 5-minute delay in responding to a customer’s inquiry can significantly reduce the chances of making a purchase — a delayed response can lower the chance of getting effective customer contact by as much as 400%.

Asos has definitely proven the accuracy of this statement — this fashion company has increased orders by 300% since they started using chatbots!

The second important benefit is saving money. Because Business Intelligence research clearly shows that companies that implemented chatbots save between 29 and 46% of their resources every year! And what is the result of such significant savings? Well, chatbots aren’t concerned by human limitations. While a customer service employee can handle up to a maximum of 2 calls at a time, chatbot can talk to a countless amount of clients.

Automation of conversations, thanks to which employees are no longer forced to answer to a lot of recurring or similar queries, means that employees can be assigned to other tasks, and organizations save a lot of time and money. That’s why more and more companies decide to implement chatbots. Have you ever wondered which of these businesses use them in the most innovative way?

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get to know 10 of the most innovative chatbots examples!

1. The Wall Street Journal

Imagine that your favorite magazine is able to send you articles that will probably be interesting for you to read. Day after day to your morning coffee, you have a list of the most interesting articles and finally, you don’t have to wade through a magazine by yourself. It’s like a personal assistant!

the wall street journal chatbot

That’s how the chatbot of The Wall Street Journal works. Yes, this magazine — as one of the greatest providers of economic news — adapts to the modern world, by enabling us to receive the most important information directly from their professional newsroom!

2. Sephora

The next company that has found an interesting way to use modern bots in the industry (this time cosmetic industry), is Sephora! When you contact their bot, it will offer you to get several types of information.

sephora chatbot

You can find out how much their products cost, get some knowledge about the company, but the best part is, that we can ask for something special for us! Advising on cosmetics through chatbot? Shopping has never been so easy.

3. Domino’s

Another one of the creative chatbots examples is in the food industry. Who would have thought a few years ago, that it will be possible to place an order without even mentioning a word to another human being?

dominos chatbot

Just a few buttons — start, choose what you want, enter the address and voilà! If you want to order the same food as recently, Domino’s also provides a bot for the previous orders. Additionally, he can cooperate with people, so if you feel that he couldn’t help you, he will contact you with the human customer service.

4. Tidio

We know, maybe it isn’t a sign of our modesty, but what can we do?! We just love our Tidus. That’s how we called our chatbot. He will welcome you on the website, recommend you which plan you should choose and suggest functions that are available in the service.

tidio chatbots

He can also help with the installation, dispel doubts about the service fee, solve problems with your bots or redirect you to the human support. Our Tidus is so helpful, isn’t he?

5. SnapTravel

Bots in tourism? Why not! SnapTravel can find the best options for renting a hotel, try to arrange the nicest housing conditions, and based on several orders, they will suggest places adequate to our requirements. Free Wi-Fi, kitchen in the building or free breakfast? SnapTravel says it’s no problem!

snaptravel chatbot

They work with large hotel bases and individual hotels, so the choice is huge, we only have to enter the city and dates of accommodation. Even payments and check-in are carried out by Messenger. You can also save up to 50% on hotels!

6. Talisman

Can chatbots support networking? It turns out that the answer is yes! Talisman creates global contact network between professionals and businesses. That company has already managed to mediate business contacts of over 24,000 people! It mediates between companies that are looking for professional employees and specialists who are looking for a suitable place to work.

talisman chatbot

Through the Talisman chatbots, you can find out what are interesting job offers, but you can also get support in acquiring new employees. A really fascinating solution for HR departments around the world.

7. Ciel, mon radis

Do you feel sadness when you see the first green tree this spring, while sitting in front of your computer? You think then that when you leave the office it will be dark enough that you won’t see this greenery anymore. Ciel, mon radis comes up against this problem and suggests vegetable gardens in companies!

ciel mon radis chatbot

Relax room with a green thyme garden? This is it! Ciel, mon radis also cares about its customers, because through their chatbots you can instantly, check the products availability and even make a return! A truly innovative, respectful approach to the industry and customers.

8. Levis

A further one of innovative chatbots examples is at Levis website. It provides support in many areas. Firstly, there is an option „look for jeans” — almost perfectly replacing a salesman in the store. Chatbot can ask what type of jeans we like. This can definitely simplify our clothing search and determine what exactly we need.

levis chatbot

As a result, making a purchasing decision is much easier than it was before. The second one is „get help” — returns, order, delivery, payment, help in choosing the right size. The third is „What’s up at Levis store”. Last, but not least is „Find an outfit” — outfit proposals, with the option of supplying the entire „look”.

Probably the best for people who don’t like to waste time getting to know what is fashionable this season.

9. National Geographic

Next one is National Geographic. Their Messenger chatbot will welcome us and ask if we are ready to learn more about the world through their game. Once we agree, it will allow us to choose the field that seems interesting. And there is quite a lot of these! Geography, history, wild animals, space or exact sciences. Then he will ask us three test questions and check our knowledge.

national geographic chatbot

But that’s not all, because if we answer badly, he explains to us what is the correct answer, thanks to that we can learn something wise. Chatbot which provides a huge amount of wisdom? It sounds brilliant.

10. Hipmunk

Now one of the chatbots examples which is one of the most operational chatbots we’ve ever met.

First, he will ensure that he can help us with travel ideas. And he will keep this promise! After determining where we want to fly out, where to go and in which dates, it will browse the network in search of the best flights. He will also check for us which hotel we can rent at this time and tell us exactly about the costs of the rental. Later he redirects to the website with the hotel where we can see prices, photos and even opinions from other users!

hipmunk chatbot

Hipmunk came up with the idea of how to save the time of its clients and thanks to this, bring even more people interested in traveling to their services. He seems like a really smart squirrel!

Why do customers love chatbots?

People like chatbots, because thanks to them they get answers to their questions in real time. What’s more, they can count on their help. By asking well-designed questions, chatbot is able to help you choose the most appropriate product. According to the report by HubSpot, 71% of people use chatbots to quickly solve their problem. 56% prefer chatbots instead of calling customer service, and 53% prefer buying from companies that provide quick service using chatbots.

But there is even more reasons why customers love them.

Well, the first of all is because chatbots provide 24-hour care and respond immediately — after all, who likes to wait?! Moreover, they answer simple questions, thanks to which they dispel various doubts. In the end, there is nothing worse than uncertainty. Communication with them is easy and does not stress as much as talking on the phone, also our complaints quickly find relief and resolution. They’re like private advisors for us!

Summary: Chatbot means — don’t wait and get really quick help!

As you can see, chatbots can meet many customer needs. What is more, this solution works in a lot of different industries. However, all of these chatbots have one thing in common, one noun basically: HELP. They help business owners to improve communication with clients to get specific information about their problem as quickly as it’s possible.

Chatbots are the future of communication with customers. Thanks to them, the contact takes place immediately, the client no longer has to wait, and the business owner, or the head of the customer service department, doesn’t have to worry about unclaimed e-mails. It’s because they have chatbots.

What do you think about our chatbots examples? Do you already have your own? If not, try our Tidio Chatbots for free!


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