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Creating a well-written piece comes at a certain price. Writing is one, conducting a thorough research is two, producing an inspiring piece counts as three. At our company, we believe that these three steps contribute to valuable content that won’t go unnoticed.

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Who are we

Tidio is one of the fastest developing startups, whose growing importance is visible in the IT industry worldwide. When we entered the market in 2014, we had one specific objective in mind: to enable quick communication between companies and their customers. Four years later, our goal is the same.

What’s our mission

People either drown in the information overload or suffer from its insufficiency. The Internet might comprise over billion websites, but not all are fit for use. This is why we have decided to rise to the challenge and become people’s number one online service provider. 

Whether they’re looking for engrossing or informative content, we want to deliver the best answers and solutions they could think of. In this sense, our mission is to entertain and educate people with a penchant for technology. 

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What do we focus on

With our articles, we explore new and inspiring topics that have not been covered yet, or those already existing but from a different perspective. Either way, the foothold is always the same. Chatbots.  

When we write about chatbots’ functionality or design, we always explore them in the context of:

  • e-commerce,
  • sales,
  • marketing,
  • customer service,
  • Shopify and WordPress.

However, you don’t have to be a professional or an expert to write guest publications for Tidio. Rather than experience, we prioritize passion and the goodwill. If writing doesn’t scare you and chatbots fall into your interest area, you should definitely join our Tidio copywriting family! 

Please bear in mind, that we don’t accept duplicate submissions and reserve the right to edit the article.

Chatbots guide

What does “valuable content” mean

Be sure you know what to write about. Research the topic, formulate a thesis statement, write an outline. If you wish your pitch ranked as top-notch, pay special attention to the language being accessible to every user, and try to befriend the Google search engine.  

Here are a few more things to consider.


  • The message you’re trying to convey must be simple, clear and comprehensive. Remember that most Internet users skim the text to find passages that they are looking for. The quicker they find them, the better. 
  • Maintaining good relations with our clients is what makes us a family-like company. We talk, we joke, we laugh because real connections with people is what we do care about. Therefore, feel free to include humor into your article (jokes, pictures).
  • A message conveyed in a written form isn’t as easily assimilated as is spoken word. Specialist terminology and complicated structures make texts difficult to read, especially if you’re new to the game. What we would expect, then, is a conversation-like article that reads in one sitting and encourages to reach for more.  

SEO? Yes, please!

Google loves our content. We want it to be easy to swallow not just for the readers, but also for the search engine. This is why we produce SEO-friendly texts, to generate greater visibility for people seeking answers. We do it by following five simple steps: 

  • the article fits in the word limit of 1,500 – 2,500 words;
  • the article targets one or two long tail keywords based on primary and top-level keywords;
  • the article includes short, informative and catchy headings;
  • the article is clearly structured into the following sections: introduction, main body, conclusion;
  • the article is reinforced with visuals (infographics, statistics, bullet points).

What’s there for you

As much as guest blogging for Tidio brings fun and satisfaction, it can also offer you a few intangible assets: 

#1 Exposure: you will be exposed to a great audience the moment we publish your article on the front page. More than a thousand people will head to Tidio blog to see the newest post and share it with friends. 

#2 Recognition: as you write articles, you gain expertise that helps to establish your online authority. From then on, you’re branded as a credible source that more and more people will eagerly reach for. 

#3 Followings: as your articles receive more publicity and greater exposure in the Internet, so will you. Visitors will follow you on social media sites to see more of your online activity and to tune for next articles. 

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