• Agnieszka Sienkiewicz

    Agnieszka Sienkiewicz

    Aggie is a content writer at Tidio. She writes about customer service, eCommerce tools, and marketing to help online entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

  • Beata Stefanowicz

    Beata Stefanowicz

    Content Writer at Tidio with a love for the written word. She scouts around for digital trends and ways to help small and medium businesses grow.

  • Kazimierz Rajnerowicz

    Kazimierz Rajnerowicz

    Tidio's Content Editor and Copywriter. Casimir writes about live chat and chatbots and watches over the technicalities of the publication process.

  • Kas Szatylowicz

    Kas Szatylowicz

    Outreach specialist at Tidio. She specializes in SEO and social media and enjoys connecting with fellow marketers she can learn from.

  • Marcin Stoll

    Marcin Stoll

    Head of Product at Tidio. Marcin has 7+ years of experience in product management and sales. He enjoys working with SaaS companies and sharing his expertise with fellow product marketers

  • Gosia Szaniawska-Schiavo

    Gosia Szaniawska-Schiavo

    As a Senior Content Writer by heart and trade, Gosia explores the subjects of digital experience and trend watching on Tidio's blog.

  • Maciej Duszynski

    Maciej Duszynski

    Editor-in-chief and content team leader. Maciej sees to it that our articles are thoroughly researched, fact-checked, and bring real value to readers.

  • Monika Kisielewska

    Monika Kisielewska

    Monika is a Senior Content Writer interested in business, digital marketing, and eCommerce. She writes copy as it should be written—engaging and easy on the reader’s eye.

  • Maria Pietruszewska

    Maria Pietruszewska

    Content writer at Tidio. Marysia specializes in all things customer service and communication-related. In her spare time, she does a lot of online shopping.

  • Oleksii Kovalenko

    Oleksii Kovalenko

    Oleksii is a UX writer and copywriter interested in eCommerce. He writes content about customer support, email marketing, blogging, user interface designs, and brand building.

  • Olek Potrykus

    Olek Potrykus

    Olek is a Polish native and takes care of the support team at Tidio. He genuinely enjoys helping people, in real life and online. When he’s not replying to your emails, you can most probably find him experimenting in the kitchen or at the gym.

  • Paweł Ławrowski

    Paweł Ławrowski

    Paweł has 10+ years of experience in marketing and sales in the IT industry. He's one of the co-organizers of the international Startup Weekend event. At work, he loves to implement new marketing campaigns - after work, he rewatches Quentin Tarantino's movies for the hundredth time.