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Head of Product who knows how to turn innovative vision into reality.

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Marcin manages efforts across four in-house product teams. He is responsible for building a unique and universal product framework that supports the company’s goals. Marcin takes a holistic approach to product development, ensuring that each team participates in a steady process of improvement. Motivated by the company’s values, he rolls out innovative strategies for the future and never underestimates the voice of a customer.

Marcin holds a B.A. in engineering. Before joining Tidio, he supervised the product development of one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, introducing new products and unconventional solutions.

His professional interests revolve around developing effective communication strategies for product teams and modeling a transparent blueprint for product design.

Privately, a proud dad of two sons, a die-hard fan of the Lakers since the 90s, and an avid tester of a wide range of mobile apps.

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