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    How Restaurants Can Effectively Use Chatbots?

    Can chatbots be used by restaurants to book tables, take customer orders, and make menu items suggestions? Yes! Learn how restaurants can benefit from using bots.

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    Pop Up vs. Chatbot for Online Lead Generation

    If you’re tired of the same old-boring advertising campaigns, there is an alternative. Read the article to find out about pop-ups and chatbots, their strengths and weaknesses.

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    Conversational Landing Pages: Boost Conversion Rates by Engaging Leads Directly

    Conversational landing pages increase the engagement of your visitors. Learn how to master the art of creating conversational experiences for your website users.

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    Small Words, Big Impact – 9 Tips to Become a Better UX Writer for Chatbots

    Chatbot writer jobs are high in demand right now. Their skills overlap with that of UX copywriters and conversation designers. Read on and become a great chatbot writer.

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    How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Chatbots

    Building brand loyalty by improving the customer experience is one of the most powerful modern ecommerce strategies. Can chatbots help you with it?

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    10 Principles of Conversational UI to Design Better Chatbots

    Chatbot design principles every chatbot builder should know. Become a chatbot expert and discover the golden rules of conversational design to follow (or break).

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    9 Best Customer Service Practices To Keep In Mind This Year

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    10 Best Welcome Messages for Customers [Examples & Templates]

    A welcome message for customers or employees can win them over or make them yawn. And it’s entirely up to you which it’s going to be.

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    6 Reasons To Boost Customer Service with Chatbots

    Still struggling with low sales? That’s because today’s customers are bored with queuing in telephone lines. They need speedy responses and 24/7 assistance. They need chatbots.

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    25+ Customer Service Skills That Employers & Customers Love

    Superior customer service is essential to competing and winning in any market. See examples of over 25 customer service skills employers & customers hold in high esteem.

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    Tidio for Shopify: Live Chat & Chatbots That Grow Your Sales

    You can easily integrate your Shopify store with Tidio. And there are plenty of reasons to do that. Find out how Tidio live chat and chatbots can help you generate more sales.

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    Even Better Chatbots for More Engagement and Sales

    There are new features available in Tidio! Use chatbot cards, a new chat page, and Bots in Action - a more convenient chat notification system.

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    Conversational Marketing Simple Guide to Boost Engagement

    What is conversational marketing? How does it work and how can you do it? Can conversational landing pages really boost conversions and engagement? And why do so many sales pages fail?

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    18 Types of Customers & How to Treat Them [Tips & Examples]

    There are four types of customers you can come across in sales and customer service. Learn what these types are and how to approach them.

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    18+ Chatbot Examples & Why Chatbots Succeed or Fail in 2021

    Do you want to pick the smartest AI chatbot companion? Or maybe you are looking for innovative chatbots to find inspiration? Look no further. Here's the ultimate list of the best chatbot examples.

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    27 Best Shopify Apps for Your Store in 2021 [Boost Sales for Free]

    You’ve got a Shopify store, now’s the time to grow sales. Find the best Shopify apps to run your store and get sales.