• Business Growth

    19 Best Lead Generation Tools. Affordable Solutions For Small and Medium Businesses

    Attract more visitors and capture their interest (as well as their contact information) with our picks for best and affordable lead generation tools.

  • Email Marketing

    7 Simple Email Tips For Effective Email Communication In & Outside the Workplace

    Want to have effective email communication with your boss or lecturer? Yes? Then read the article and follow the most common email etiquette rules.

  • Email Marketing

    Advertising Appeals You Can Use in Email Ads

    Use different types of advertising appeals to attract your customers and grab their full attention. Emotional advertising is excellent for making successful email marketing campaigns.

  • Chatbots

    How to Make a Chatbot [Easy Ways to Create Chatbots for Free]

    Learn how to create chatbots that engage your potential customers, collect email addresses, and boost your sales.

  • Email Marketing

    How to Avoid Spam Filters And Improve Email Deliverability Rates

    Any unsolicited message is likely to be stopped by spam filters. Find out 5 fundamental rules that will help your emails avoid the filters and land in the recipient’s inbox.

  • Abandoned Cart

    4 Strategies to Reduce Cart Abandonment And Recover Lost Leads

    Cart abandonment rate is higher than ever. But, abandoned shopping baskets can be recovered with emails, push notifications, chatbots and retargeting ads. Which strategy will you choose to save your business?

  • Abandoned Cart

    Abandoned Cart Email Strategy: 5 Steps to Successful Cart Recovery

    To write a good abandoned cart email is one thing. To maximize its value is another. What strategies should you use in an abandoned cart email sequence to increase the number of conversions?

  • Email Marketing

    7 Best Tips for Email Header Design [Best Examples for 2021]

    Learn how to increase your email click-through rate and engage your customers with captivating email header design. Real marketing email examples discussed.

  • Tips & Tutorials

    100+ Black Friday Quotes About Shopping [+Marketing Guide]

    Get ready for BFCM! We’ve got a massive list of catchy Black Friday quotes, phrases, and email subject lines for you. You’ll also find out how to make the most of them.

  • Abandoned Cart

    How to Write Abandoned Cart Emails for a Higher Cart Recovery Rate in eCommerce

    Cart abandonment emails can recover at least 10% of your potential sales. Learn what core structural elements you should include in your emails and why they are important.

  • Email Marketing

    How to Create a Professional Email Signature

    Get the most out of your email signature. Read the best tips on writing and designing first-class email signatures which make clear that you mean business.

  • Email Marketing

    It’s Getting Chilly Here: Cold Email vs Cold Call

    Is cold calling dead and cold emailing the alternative? Should you adopt either tactic or use them in tandem? And finally, what are the pros and cons of each?

  • Email Marketing

    How to Write Business Emails + Business Email Format Guide

    Learn how to start, compose, and finish your business emails. A comprehensive guide to writing email messages that hit the spot and make a lasting impression.

  • Business Growth

    Why Is Brand Voice Important and How To Define It?

    One of the elements of effective branding is a brand voice. Finding it isn't as tough as you may think. We will show you how to do it and explain why the brand voice is so important.

  • Chatbots

    The Holiday Shopping Season Messages That Will Double Your Sales in 2020

    Ready-to-use ecommerce chatbot/email messages for your holiday shopping season marketing campaigns. The best templates for Halloween, Cyber Monday, and more.

  • Customer Service

    Best Support Phrases and Quotes for All Types of Customer Service