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Launching Tidio AI to Empower SMBs With AI Features

by Beata Stefanowicz·Updated
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The AI technology is valuable for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps with customer relationships when your ticket volumes are high, and your business gains more interest from the shoppers.

The problem is that artificial intelligence, with its high price tag, used to only be available for enterprises. 

But not anymore. 

Tidio AI aids your customer service team to provide outstanding experiences, boost sales, and increase clients’ satisfaction with your brand. 

Some of the new features of Tidio AI include an AI Phrase Matcher, FAQ Wizard, Reply Assistant, Customer Intent, and Smart Views—but what does it mean, exactly?


Let’s find out more about these features and how they work.

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First things first—what is Tidio AI?

Tidio AI is a collection of tools and features that enable businesses to automate their customer service, boost conversion rates, and improve overall efficiency with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Currently, only giant companies can afford the expensive price tag that comes with the implementation of AI solutions to their customer support. Tidio wants to change that and make AI accessible to the small and medium businesses, not just the enterprises.

At Tidio, customers will be able to get the AI technology for their business at a fraction of a price presented by other providers on the market.

Okay, let’s introduce the new AI Tidio features:

Tidio AI Chatbots

This feature uses artificial intelligence to learn, build conversational scenarios, understand what the customer is saying, and then measure how helpful were the answers provided. 

Forget about transferring messages to agents. These AI chatbots can handle more customer queries than ever before. They can extract key question-answer pairs from your FAQ pages and use machine learning to have helpful discussions with your customers.

For example, they can understand different phrasings of user questions, track their package, and explain more complex topics with pre-written messages.

And the chatbots can be adjusted to any industry you’re in, as their answers depend on the input scenarios. The bots can also hold the context of the conversation so that your shoppers don’t need to repeat themselves when they have a follow-up question.

You can easily set up self-learning response bots that analyze questions asked previously and determine what’s the best answer for similar new queries. They also highlight questions that were redirected to the operator so you can see which queries to create more automations for.

Tidio AI Machine Learning technology is also within your reach. This system allows your chatbots to understand the context of the client’s inquiry even if they make a spelling mistake. It makes the interaction more natural and improves the overall buyer’s experience.

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Tidio AI Chatbots combine three main new features. 

Let’s find out more about them.

AI Phrase Matcher

This is a node in which the chatbot creator uses the AI model and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to match similar users’ questions with predefined phrases. It triggers when a visitor sends a message with a phrase or an intent that the chatbot can recognize.

Natural Language Processing chatbot recognizes and understands human language. It helps AI chatbots respond to questions typed in a natural language by users.

Without this node, your chatbots could only function based on the pre-made decision tree flows. This would force the users to choose one of the pre-defined questions and make the interaction mechanical instead of natural.

Keep in mind that one trigger can only handle one topic and one language. So, if you need your bot to cover many topics, like orders, shipping, pricing, and refunds, then you’ll need to create a few bots that use this node. 

For example, when a person says How can I get my money back?, your chatbot will recognize that the phrase is similar to the pre-programmed how to process a return. Then, it will trigger an appropriate response to the query. 

triggering an appropriate response to the query

So, what are the benefits of this feature?

One of the benefits of the AI Phrase Matcher trigger is that it allows for less restricted and more natural interactions with users. Our Tidio AI model understands the user’s message and compares it with the trigger phrases that you trained it on. This way, even if the person’s message has writing mistakes, the chatbot can still understand the intent behind it and respond appropriately.

Another advantage of this node is the fact that it’s multilingual. At the moment, our Tidio AI supports English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and Greek. 

But remember, one trigger = one language. 

So, if you want your chatbot to understand English, French, and Spanish, you’ll need to build three bots, each for a specific language.

tidio ai response language setting up

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Now—creating AI Phrase Matcher triggers can be tiresome if you have dozens or hundreds of messages from your visitors. To make this process easier, you can use the Customer Questions feature.

Customer Questions

Customer Questions feature uses artificial intelligence to understand customers’ inquiries and provide relevant replies within seconds. Then, Tidio AI measures the accuracy and helpfulness of the automated replies to improve accuracy over time. 

Customer Questions examples by tidio ai

How can this benefit you?

Well—here are some of the advantages of Customer Questions.

The main benefit is that it analyzes visitors’ questions and groups them into categories. This helps your operators focus on more complex tasks related to your business growth, while chatbots handle the repetitive queries about order status, product availability, etc. 

Let’s have a look at some of the topics that our system categorizes customers’ questions into:

Question TopicDefinition
Order StatusAsks a status update on an expected order (also order tracking and tracking number)
Order CancelationRequest to cancel an order
Order ChangeRequest to edit an order (eg. forgot to add to cart, added too many)
Order SupportSupport with order process
Order Damaged/WrongReceived order contains damaged items/package OR customer needs troubleshooting OR Received order contains wrong/missing item
Shipping PolicyAsks information on shipping (available countries, usual delays, weekend delivery) – not about shipping price
Gift CardQuestions about the possibility of purchasing a gift card
ReturnRequests to return a received product or return options available
RefundRequests to process a refund, also refund options
Location Questions about store or pickup locations
Open HoursStore or support working hours

At the moment, the solution is available in the Tidio+ package. It also only supports the ecommerce industry and the English language. But we’re working on improvements to its capabilities, like making it available for more industries and in multiple languages.

So, in short, Tidio AI chatbots help to automate your customer service while learning more about what customers ask about to drive your business efficiency. All while saving your team’s time and enabling you to place your resources where they’re most needed. 

FAQ Wizard

Do you have a page dedicated to frequently asked questions? If the answer is yes, then making your FAQ chatbots has just become so much faster.

That’s because Tidio AI can properly scrape question-answer pairs from your website and build FAQ bots from each page of your site. All within a single click per page you want to scrape.

This feature reads your pages and recognizes FAQs on them. Once it detects the common questions, the system suggests which bots to create based on the FAQs on the page.

What’s more, the created bots are based on AI Phrase Matcher. This means that visitors can write similar phrases to the ones in the FAQs, and the chatbot will still trigger with the right answer from the question-answer pair.

Now—what benefits does this feature have for your business and your team?

In short, FAQ Wizard makes it easier for you to automate FAQ workflows.

The main advantage of this feature is that it saves time for users and suggests what chatbots it’s best to build for each commonly asked question. This can help you get the most out of the system and do it quickly. 

Let’s look at all the features offered in Tidio AI Chatbots product before moving on.

On top of the Tidio AI Chatbots, we’re also releasing a Tidio AI Agent. What are those features and what advantages do they have?

Tidio AI Agent

The goal behind Tidio AI Agent is to improve human agents’ productivity and to make working with Tidio’s artificial intelligence as effective as possible. This includes replying to messages and taking care of repetitive tasks automatically.

Tidio AI Agent reply

This group of functionalities include: 

  • Reply Assistant 
  • Customer Intent
  • Smart views

These features help with various aspects of your operator’s work. Let’s find out more about them.

Reply Assistant

Tidio AI Reply Assistant helps to enhance your writing to sound more polished. It also keeps the tone consistent with your brand voice during every interaction with clients. 

For example, when your agent writes

and presses the magic wand button, it changes the phrase to a more professional tone and returns with 

Reply Assistant feature uses the GPT-3.5 model to speed up some of the operator’s processes. 

This means that the chatbot will help to keep the consistency in interactions with shoppers and the agent won’t have to write out complicated messages to clients anymore.

Customer Intent

This feature enables automatic intent recognition with the use of AI. It analyzes chats and organizes them based on different intent categories. Then, it shows the distribution of frequency at which conversation topics come up in the interactions shoppers have with your business. 

The function detects the topic of conversations and categorizes them into a number of different topic groups. It helps you prioritize tasks, monitor user intents, act upon them, and learn more about your clients’ issues.

As an example, if you notice more conversations with intent about your products, then it might suggest that you should include more information in your product descriptions. Whereas if you recognize that more people ask about malfunctioning products, then you should look into improving the functionality of your items.

Note that, currently, this functionality is only available in English for ecommerce stores.

Smart Views

This is a single view for all of your customer communications. And AI sorts incoming messages into folders corresponding to the intent of the chat. This helps your support team prioritize messages that are more urgent or important for your business.

For example, if you have an ecommerce website, messages about product malfunction might be more urgent than those about processing a refund. That’s because usually, people are not in a hurry when returning the product, but when they’re trying to get it to work, every minute counts.

In fact, over 90% of customers rate immediate response as essential when asking a customer support question. 

This Tidio AI feature helps to ensure they’re solved as a priority.

Customer Intent example

In short, Smart Views help to discover conversation topics without opening the message, respond to urgent chats first, and prioritize tasks. This feature keeps your inbox organized for the human agents. It also helps to improve the efficiency of your representatives by helping you assign conversation topics to the appropriate teams.

It’s good to note that, as with the feature above, Smart Views are currently only available in English for ecommerce stores.

Here are the Tidio AI Agent features:

Tidio AI features: key takeaway 

Tidio AI combines a number of tools that automate business processes and repetitive tasks. These features boost the productivity of customer service teams, increase sales, and improve customer experiences with your brand. 

This new technology includes Tidio AI Chatbots and Tidio AI Agent.

And the best part is that it’s already available. You can sign up today and experience everything Tidio AI has to offer.

Three of the main new features from Tidio AI Chatbots are:

  • AI Phrase Matcher
  • FAQ Wizard
  • Customer Questions

Whereas, Tidio AI Agent includes Reply Assistant, Customer Intents, and Smart Views features. 

Try the power of artificial intelligence for yourself and see what it can help your business with.

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Will Tidio AI answer all customer questions?

Tidio AI is designed to take over most of the customer questions. It will answer all the shoppers’ queries that you train it for and have existing FAQs on your pages for. 

How does Tidio AI find the right answers to customer queries?

Tidio AI compares questions asked by your customers with a set of predefined phrases. These include previous shoppers’ queries, FAQs, and phrases input by your team into the system. If the question asked by the user is similar or has a similar intent as the preset phrases, then the chatbot responds with an appropriate answer.

Will it cost extra to use Tidio AI?

Tidio AI is one of the premium features of Tidio and is only available in custom paid plans. However, people that are already on the Tidio+ plan will have access to Tidio AI free of charge.

Is this technology secure and safe for privacy protection?

Customer data will be used to improve TIdio AI and to train your chatbots. Tidio will not share, review or distribute any client data in accordance with our privacy policy

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