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10 Best Chatbot Development Services [2024 Data]

by Maryia Fokina·Updated
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Chatbot development services are specialized offerings that design, build, and maintain intelligent virtual assistants.

In today’s digital landscape, they’re essential for enhancing customer interaction and streamlining business operations. As companies increasingly adopt AI-driven solutions, choosing the right development service becomes critical for success.

This comprehensive guide on chatbot development platforms highlights the top providers in this field, offering insights into their capabilities, innovations, and impact. 

So, let’s dive right in!

In this article, we will review the following top chatbot development agencies:

NamePricingBest for
DotGoFrom $39 per monthProactive SMBs focusing on quality customer service
Chat StayFrom $25 monthly for the basic planBusinesses that want maximum AI potential without much involvement
HachlyDemo plan starting from $25Companies that want powerful NLP chatbots
BrandbutterCustomizable pricingEnd-to-end solutions for chatbot implementation
NuvaliaCustomizable pricingCombination of customer service, sales, and marketing tools
EliftechCustomizable pricingFull software development package
ITRex GroupHourly rate starts from $50Enterprises looking for scaling customer service
GreenblutCustomizable, from $500 per projectEcommerce aiming for sustainable solutions
Chit ChatCustomizable pricingIntuitive use and custom chatbot development
BotsifyFree trial available, paid plans from $49Companies seeking automation and personalization in multiple languages

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Without further ado, let’s get started with our list of bot development services.

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Best chatbot implementation services

If you’re seeking help with chatbot building and implementation, this list includes the top agencies to consider working with. Every agency mentioned here is trusted and recommended after thorough research and extensive experience.

1. DotGo

dotgo logo

DotGo is a rapidly growing website design and development agency that also offers chatbot development services. This company makes the implementation smooth for the clients by setting up the basics and embedding the bot on their websites. On top of that, there’s a premium setup package available with custom workflows optimized around the customer’s website type and their industry packages. 

According to DotGo representatives, companies who are more proactive about their business and its reputation tend to be more drawn towards chatbots. That’s for a good reason as conversational AI is known as a game-changer when it comes to customer satisfaction. In fact, about 70% of clients are satisfied with their conversation with a chatbot. Moreover, DotGo has found that their clients who have embraced AI and live chat systems have benefited greatly, especially those in retail and consulting.

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And DotGo experiences these benefits as well since implementing Tidio on the company’s website. The brand states that the most common use for the bot is for lead generation and securing bookings. The clients love using multilingual workflows that offer the website visitors something of value in return for their contact information (such as a free quote or a demonstration). Because of this, they’ve found Tidio has been a fantastic way to turn window shoppers into qualified leads without running into any language barriers.

Being able to save lead information directly into our CRM has been extremely useful for us as a company. For our clients, the fact that they can login via their smartphones and check and send messages has been fantastic – especially as so many of our customers are small business owners who are on the move.

Rich Merritt

General Manager at DotGo


  • One-off website design fee: from $39 to $55 per month
  • Monthly subscription fee: from $39 to $55

2. Chat Stay

chat stay logo

Chat Stay offers chatbot automation as a service. The agency focuses on maximizing the potential of AI to the fullest, optimizing internal algorithms, and limiting bottlenecks. Chat Stay offers Tidio as part of their AI chatbot package to help their clients skyrocket the customer service. 

Chat Stay noticed that many businesses that turn to them have been following traditional ways of running processes for more than a decade. So, it’s hard for them to suddenly change the mentality and workflows that they were used to managing. Now, there is more awareness than ever about the benefits of AI instead of viewing it as the “enemy” to human agents.

According to Chat Stay, the most common use case for chatbots is the ability to respond quickly to frequent queries. The extra bonus is storing the unanswered queries and being able to escalate the issue to a live agent. The brand’s clients don’t want to lose the personal touch and relations with their long term customers, so features like this are a must for many.

As it turns out, the main benefit after implementation is a sense of peace of mind, as if they had taken a big burden from their shoulders.

Aitor Alonso

Co-founder and Product Manager at Chat Stay


  • The minimum pricing for chatbot development services for customer service starts at $25/month for the basic plan
  • Additional advanced features and security are available for businesses and corporations at an extra charge

3. Hachly

hachly logo

Hachly is a London-based AI automation company with a mission to help businesses efficiently automate their processes and grow as much as 10 times faster. Too ambitious? That’s the power of AI

Hachly offers Tidio as part of their AI automation package. The agents implement the chatbot for their clients, thoroughly test it, and, if needed, give it essential training to the software. From the company’s experience, all types of clients from various industries are interested in AI and FAQ chatbots. Hachly mostly works with B2B clients as they excel in sales-driven bots

The company found that the most common request from their clients is for the bot to answer customer service queries with as little hallucination as possible. Luckily, it’s what chatbots like Lyro are able to achieve with flying colors. 

The benefits range from a reduced number of support tickets to increased ROI and conversion rates.

Eldar Agayev

Founder at Hachly


  • Demo ride ($25 for websites with under 1,000 visitors/month)
  • Startup ($300 for websites with under 4,000 visitors/month)
  • Ultimate ($2,250 for established businesses for up to 50,000 visitors/month)

4. Brandbutter

brandbutter logo

BrandButter is a digital marketing agency that offers an array of innovative services, including specialized development of chatbots and artificial intelligence. Their AI and machine learning services are designed to help businesses streamline processes, enhance customer interactions, and deploy sophisticated AI tools.

This company provides end-to-end solutions for chatbot development, ensuring that the chatbots are not only functional but also tailored to meet specific business needs.

The agency’s focus on Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies further complements their AI offerings, allowing for cutting-edge applications and integrations in virtual environments and decentralized platforms. This includes the development of smart contracts and custom blockchain solutions.

On top of that, BrandButter’s comprehensive digital solutions extend beyond just AI and NLP chatbots, encompassing web development, ecommerce, branding, content creation, and marketing.

They work with high-profile clients like EA, Dyson, and Amnesty International, which showcases the brand’s ability to deliver high-impact digital strategies and creative campaigns.


  • Flexible pricing options for a range of solutions including marketing technology, digital marketing campaigns, customer service platforms, and project management
  • To determine the cost of developing a chatbot or any specific solution, it’s recommended to contact their team directly for personalized pricing details

5. Nuvalia

nuvalia logo

Nuvalia Technology is a prominent agency specializing in AI-driven chatbots development and digital solutions designed to enhance customer experience and streamline business processes. Their expertise includes the implementation of CRM systems, sales tools, and customer service platforms.

In addition to chatbot development, Nuvalia excels in data analysis solutions by integrating AI with tools like Tableau. This powerful combination allows businesses to quickly process and analyze large amounts of data, leading to valuable insights into user data and more informed decision-making.

Nuvalia is a certified partner of Salesforce, providing expert implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud. These systems help businesses streamline their marketing efforts, enhance sales processes, and deliver exceptional customer service.

With AI-powered features such as automated lead management and predictive sales analytics, Salesforce solutions implemented by Nuvalia enable businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. 


  • Nuvalia offers customizable pricing for various solutions and packages
  • You should get in touch with the team to check how much it costs to develop a chatbot meeting your needs

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6. Eliftech

eliftech logo

ElifTech specializes in various digital solutions, including chatbot development, web and mobile app development (for both IOS and Android), AI-driven chatbots product discovery, and software consulting. With a user-centric approach, they ensure that the custom chatbots and web solutions balance aesthetics, functionality, and performance. 

The company’s front- and back-end development teams use the latest technologies to create interactive, responsive, and secure websites. Additionally, they integrate third-party API frameworks and services to enhance functionality and streamline business processes. This ensures that clients have full control over their content through user-friendly CMS integrations.

ElifTech’s product discovery phase is designed to clarify project goals and align them with business objectives and user intent. This phase includes assessing initial ideas, defining success metrics, creating proofs of concept, and building prototypes.The brand’s consulting services extend across various industries, including fintech, ecommerce, healthcare, and IoT. It provides scalable and innovative solutions that drive business growth and enhance customer experiences.


  • Elfitech offers customizable pricing across various solutions like chatbots, web and mobile development, product discovery, software consulting, etc
  •  For specific pricing inquiries, reach out to their team directly for tailored cost information

7. ITRex Group

itrex group logo

ITRex Group is a prominent agency aimed at enterprises and renowned for its expertise in developing advanced chatbot solutions powered by artificial intelligence. They offer tailored services that integrate natural language processing (NLP) technologies to create intuitive conversational interfaces. Their approach emphasizes a deep understanding of client needs, ensuring that each chatbot solution is custom-built to align with specific business goals and brand identities.

The agency’s portfolio showcases successful implementations across various industries. It highlights their capability to design chatbots capable of handling complex queries, automating routine tasks, and providing personalized experiences for all kinds of user interactions. 

The company is committed to innovation and continuous improvement. ITRex Group positions itself as a strategic partner for businesses looking to leverage chatbots for competitive advantage and improved customer satisfaction.


  • TRex Group offers customizable pricing for various solutions and packages
  • Contact their team to get a quote for developing a chatbot tailored to your needs

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8. Greenblut

greenblut logo

Greenblut is a digital agency specializing in sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, aiming to support businesses in making environmentally conscious choices through their digital strategies. 

The company offers a range of services including web development, digital marketing, chatbot services, and consultancy, all with a focus on promoting sustainability. 

Greenblut boasts case studies and client success stories that demonstrate their ability to create impactful projects that resonate with environmentally aware consumers. 

The business also emphasizes a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to understand their sustainability goals. Agents can then translate these objectives into effective digital strategies that drive engagement and support a greener future.


  • Greenblut offers customizable pricing for their services such as Shopify store creation, migration services, and Hubspot integration for sustainable brands

9. Chit Chat

chit chat logo

Chit Chat is an AI chatbot development company that specializes in conversational AI solutions. The brand offers comprehensive services aimed at enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency.

It does so through the implementation of omnichannel chatbot technologies on social media and other communication channels. Moreover, the agency creates personalized and intuitive chatbot experiences that cater to various industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, and customer service.

Chit Chat showcases its expertise through case studies and client testimonials, highlighting successful implementations. Their success demonstrates their ability to design chatbots capable of handling complex queries, automating tasks, and improving overall user satisfaction.


  • Chit Chat offers customizable pricing tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring that you receive a perfectly suited solution to your business objectives and budget 
  • You can contact the business directly to get a quota for your specific needs 

10. Botsify

botsify logo

Botsify is a comprehensive chatbot development agency that offers businesses a platform to create AI-driven chatbots without extensive coding knowledge. The service supports a range of channels including websites and messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, providing seamless customer engagement across various platforms. 

On top of that, the brand emphasizes automation to improve sales processes, customer support, and lead generation, ensuring businesses can handle customer interactions efficiently. 

Botsify also offers multilingual support, live chat fallback, and integration with third-party platforms.  On top of that, their drag-and-drop interface allows for easy customization of chatbots, enabling businesses to create personalized and engaging customer experiences.

The agency provides tailored solutions for different industries, from retail and healthcare to real estate and ecommerce, meeting each business’s unique needs. Additionally, Botsify offers dedicated support and various pricing plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes, making it accessible and adaptable. 


  • Do It Yourself Plan ($49/month billed annually)
  • Done For You Plan ($149/month billed annually)
  • Custom Plan (personalized pricing)

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Now, how does one pick the right agency when the choice is so big? No worries, we got you. Take a look at our tips that will help you make the right decision. 

Tips to choose a chatbot development company

No doubt, choosing the right AI chatbot development services is crucial for ensuring a seamless and effective integration of AI-driven bots into your business operations.

Here are key tips to help you make an informed decision:

how to pick a chatbot development company

Assess the portfolio and expertise 

Look for a company with a proven track record in bot development and implementation. Review the brand’s portfolio to understand the experience across various industries and the complexity of projects it has handled.

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Evaluate technology and innovation 

Ensure that the company you’re opting for uses the latest technologies as well as learning algorithms and follows industry best practices when it comes to chatbot development tools.

The company’s approach to innovation and optimization can significantly impact the effectiveness of your chatbot, especially when it comes to the integration of advanced AI and machine learning capabilities.

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Check client testimonials and references

This step is crucial. Chatbots are a quintessential part of customer service, hence, client reviews are very important. Customer feedback provides valuable insights into the company’s reliability, communication, and ability to meet deadlines. So, try to reach out to their past clients to get a first-hand account of their experiences or read user reviews on third-party sites.

Consider customization and scalability

Your business needs may evolve over time, so choose a company that offers customizable solutions, seamless integration, and scalability in accordance with your requirements. Flexibility in the offerings and development process is key to long-term success.

Analyze support and maintenance services

Post-deployment support is crucial for the smooth functioning of your chatbot. So, ensure the company you pick provides comprehensive maintenance services and is responsive for any issues that may arise.

Let’s now sum up all our findings about chatbot development companies. 

Chatbot development agencies: takeaways

Choosing the right chatbot developers is crucial for businesses looking to optimize user engagement and operational efficiency through advanced AI solutions. 

Our curated list highlighted agencies known for their expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies. These include natural language processing to create intuitive interfaces that streamline tasks and enhance user experiences across diverse industries. 

  • DotGo
  • Chat Stay
  • Hachly
  • Brandbutter
  • Nuvalia
  • Eliftech
  • ITRex Group
  • Greenblut
  • Chit Chat
  • Botsify

Positive client outcomes from using chatbots include increased ROI and improved customer satisfaction. So, choosing the perfect chatbot development service for your website might feel overwhelming at first, but it’s absolutely worth it for crushing customer service in the long run.

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