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Why should you do a typing test? Speed matters!

See what typing speed practice can give you

More job opportunities

Good typing skills give you a competitive edge in such job positions as data entry clerk, customer service agent, transcriptionist, or secretary assistant.

Improved work efficiency

Higher accuracy in written communication and faster ticket resolution allow professionals like customer service agents to be more efficient.

Better focus

Advanced typing skills mean fewer mistakes and a higher focus on the task at hand. The better you become, the more productive you are, without worrying about the mundane edits.

Speed typing test online: Frequently asked questions

How to test typing speed?

Just start typing words visible in the bar above and continue to do so for one minute. After you’re done, you will see your words per minute score, characters per minute score, and accuracy.

Why is speed typing important?

The faster and more accurate you type, the more efficiently you can communicate. Speed typing is crucial in many data-entry and customer service jobs and allows you to save time and be more efficient.

What’s the average typing speed?

The average typing speed for an adult is about 55 words per minute, while professional typists score 60-80 words per minute. The average typing speed for a kid is between 37 and 44 words per minute.

How fast should I type?

An average typing speed for an adult is around 55 words per minute, so a good typing speed for an adult is any score above 55 words per minute (WPM). While some typist positions require a minimum of 80 WPM, it’s rare as it requires a lot of time and practice to master.

What are the typing techniques?

There are four most common typing techniques. Touch typing enables you to type with all ten fingers. Hunt & peck is when you type one keyword after another. The hybrid technique mixes the two previous methods as you memorize the keywords and focus on the results on the screen. Buffering method is when a typist first memorizes the sentence and then types.

How do I increase my typing speed?

The best way to increase typing speed is to learn to type the “Touch typing” way instead of using a “hunt and peck” method. You can learn how to touch type with free typing lessons online, by doing online typing tests regularly, and by playing typing games.

What is a WPM (words per minute) score?

The WPM score represents the number of words you can type per minute. The standard version of the WPM typing test does not measure accuracy, but we added it to give you extra insights into your speed typing skills.

What is a CPM (characters per minute) score?

CPM stands for “characters per minute” and measures the number of characters you can type, including the mistakes. In general, CPM is more accurate than WPM. To express your typing speed in CPM rather than WPM, you can multiply your score by five. So, roughly 10 WPM = 50 CPM.

What is a passing score on a typing test?

A typist must score at least 50 WPM according to employment typing tests. For a legal secretary, it’s between 50-60 WPM. Computer coders need to score 60 WPM. For transcription professionals, it’s 60-75 WPM.

What’s the best keyboard layout?

Studies indicate that the Colemak keyboard layout is most efficient for speed typing. Second place belongs to DVORAK, and the popular QWERTY layout ranks last. Colemak keyboard layout is relatively new but extremely easy to adapt to.

How did we choose words and texts for the typing test?

We gathered 2,000 most commonly used English words and randomized the order in which they appear.We also compiled the list of several literary classics, including Hamlet or Alice in Wonderland, to estimate the time it would take to retype those masterpieces at your speed.

Is this typing speed test free?

Yes, Tidio Typing Speed Test is 100% free. Feel free to challenge your friends or colleagues and share this test with them.

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