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September 2022

Human Resources Diagram: What It Is, How To Create One And Four Examples

A Human Resource (HR) diagram visually represents the organization’s structure or processes. The HR diagram shows the relationships between employees, managers, supervisors, and other organizational units.
Although Human Resources diagrams are often used to show the hierarchy within an organization, they can also be used to map out the pathway of various HR processes and their expected outcomes.

15 Best AI Writing Software Free & Paid [Updated for 2022]

In this article you’ll find the 15 best AI writing software tools on the market, fully ranked and reviewed plus recommendations to find out which one may be best suited to your needs, including a summary of the top 3 editor’s picks.

August 2022

The Top 40+ Learning Management Systems (LMS Software) 2022

If you are struggling with maintaining an expensive training setup or cannot schedule vast courses in a short period of time, Learning Management System (LMS) software is your go-to solution. Learning Management Systems offer a cloud-based training software that creates, manages, and tracks the learning initiatives of educational institutions and business organizations. Its in-built learning portals offer certificate courses, study modules, course calendars, video courses, training modules, and other E-learning materials in a platform containing advanced multilingual and encryption facilities.

8 Zendesk open source alternatives to try in 2022

Let’s face it: Zendesk is great. It’s one of the most popular helpdesk tools out there.
But, it also has its shortcomings, and there are numerous competitors on the market.
A portion of these Zendesk alternatives are open source solutions. The unique advantages of open source software play well into the customer service space, and they are here to stay.

In House Development vs Outsourcing – When Speed Is Key [2022 COMPARISON]

In House Development vs Outsourcing – When Speed Is Key [2022 COMPARISON] – On average, it takes around 40 days to recruit an in-house developer, and you have to take on recruitment-related expenses.
From the other side it takes about 1-4 weeks to find an outsourcing company (depends on your requirements and engagement). The biggest expense here is related to your time.

How to Prevent Chargebacks: The Ultimate Merchant’s Guide

Chargebacks are responsible for a significant amount of stress and lost income in eCommerce. In fact, the average chargeback costs $3.60 for every dollar lost on a fraudulent transaction, but a chargeback prevention policy can reduce disputes. Learn how to address criminal fraud, merchant error, and friendly fraud individually to break the chargeback cycle.

Personal Branding Guide: How to Build Your Brand Strategy

Building a personal brand is essential in the digital age we live in. Without an online presence and an identity that goes with it and clearly defines who you are, is very difficult to make a name for yourself and to a great extent for your company. Go through this guide to find out why personal branding is important, get some key tips on how to create your personal brand, and check out some successful examples from industry leaders.

How to Make an App in 2022

Apps are a critical part of everyday life that are used by millions of people all over the globe. Usually, building apps requires coding skills. However, it’s possible to create no-code apps, too. Here’s a guide how.

8 Best Customer Service Software for Small Businesses

Long gone are the days when companies were competing purely on the basis of product and price. Recent studies have shown that customer experience and service quality have become the new market differentiators when making a purchase decision. This article is a detailed curation of the 8 best customer service software that can help you provide great support experiences.

What Matters to Consumers when Choosing a Small Business

Small businesses remain the backbone of the US economy. In fact, 98% of businesses in the US have less than 20 employees, with 96% having less than 10 employees. And virtually every one of those 26.5 million small businesses exists in a crowded market where competition for consumers is fierce.

July 2022

A Guide to Sustainable Web Design

Our appetite for consuming data has been growing but we, and the planet, might have to pay for it in the future if we aren’t careful. Learn about the importance of sustainable web design and how you can make your website more environmentally friendly.

June 2022

How-to: Launch Profitable WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns in 2022

DescriptionWhatsApp is an under-utilized platform to run effective marketing campaigns, especially for eCommerce stores. Find out how to launch a profitable WhatsApp campaign, even if you don’t have a huge contact list with DelightChat’s guide.

Product Filtering by Boost Commerce vs Shopify OS 2.0 Storefront Filtering

DescriptionShopify Unite 2021 has brought a myriad of breakthroughs to both online merchants and Shopify app builders, especially with the Shopify Online Store 2.0 (OS 2.0). The new theme structure and architecture has introduced Shopify merchants with new functions, which previously required a third-party app to perform.

May 2022

How to Easily Migrate BigCommerce to Shopify with LitExtension?

Platform migration is a critical phenomenon that entails moving from existing to new platforms without losing data. If you are intending to migrate BigCommerce to Shopify, LitExtension offers a great migration service that helps you transfer your data from the current eCommerce platform to a new one accurately, painlessly with utmost security.

The Definitive Guide to Creating and Utilizing Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are one of the most effective ways to build trust and credibility for your brand. See this guide to learn how to get started.

9 Best Mailchimp Alternatives For 2022 [Free and Paid]

Boosting your bottom line while building a brand is a task that email marketing can execute perfectly. And while most marketers love the features of Mailchimp, some may find it a little steep. Let’s find out what Mailchimp alternatives work best for you.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Emojis in Email Marketing

Emojis in email are known to increase visibility. But how do you know what are the proper ways of using them to boost your campaigns? Learn all about the best practices while using emojis in email from this article.

The Future of eCommerce: Marketing Trends Every Business Should Know In 2022

The conversion of an online store directly depends on features that are trendy today. Find the digital ecommerce trends that will remain in fashion for long and forecasts for ecommerce development to stand out in the eyes of customers.

April 2022

Email Deliverability 101: How to Get your Emails to Land in the Inbox

Check this comprehensive list of the most popular email marketing software and choose the best one for your business!

How to Build A Killer eCommerce Conversion Funnel in 2022

An eCom marketing funnel lets you map your customer’s journey and guide them from knowing almost nothing about your business to becoming obsessed with your brand. Here’s how to build a killer e-comm funnel in 2022.

31 (Editable) SWOT Analysis Templates for Professionals (2022)

Here’s a useful list of 31 SWOT analysis templates for professionals. They’re formatted into multi-slide presentations, single-sheet worksheets or even infographics.

What Is Employee Relations? Definition, Concept, and Trends

Undoubtedly, employees are the company’s real asset, and employee relations matter for the business growth. In this blog, you’ll find everything you need to know about employee relations.

Best Leadership Advice From 18 Women Leaders Who Changed The Face Of B2B

Here is a list of some powerful women leaders who have effectively elevated their organizations and changed the face of B2B. Learn how they pushed their presence to new heights via their passion and competence.

March 2022

A guide to different affiliate types with examples

Are you interested in affiliate marketing, but not sure where or how to start and what type to go with? This Tapfiliate article takes a deep dive into all the different affiliate types and breaks each one down with easy-to-follow examples and advice.

Digital Marketing Strategy Framework: 9 Scalable Steps to Success

Make sense of the chaotic digital landscape with your own digital marketing strategy framework with the help of this top-to-bottom guide.

How To Setup Google Alerts To Grow Your Business

Google Alerts is one of the most important tools that an internet marketer can use to grow their business. They allow you to track new information appearing on the web about your company, competitors, industry, potential employees, and more.

Community Engagement Strategies, Metrics & Examples

The benefits of building engagement across your community are endless, but the key factor is that it creates a sense of belonging and a place to discuss and exchange ideas. While nonprofit organizations use it for social justice interventions and civic engagement, businesses can use it for creating a sense of well-being for their customers. This, in return, brings them a lot of value.

February 2022

The Complete Guide To YouTube Marketing In 2022

YouTube marketing can be a great way for brands to magnify and increase their online presence. With so much competition, though, it can get a bit tricky. This guide breaks down what is YouTube marketing and how can brands leverage it today.

18 Popup Statistics You Must Know in 2022

Read on for some surprising and informative popup statistics. This up-to-date data will help you create successful popups, build a massive email list and boost your sales. Check out this infographic to see all 18 statistics in one place and read the article for detailed explanations.

January 2022

24 Best Social Media Management Tools for Your Business in 2022

With more than 4.55 billion people on social media, marketers are faced with newer challenges to hook their customers with relevant content on multiple social media platforms. But you need not sweat bullets! Social media management tools will help you streamline it all. Check this blog to pick the one that fits your needs.

15 Best App Referral Program Examples in 2022

People spend hours on their phones – every day. So if you’re looking to implement a referral program, mobile optimization is necessary. Here’s what the best mobile programs do to stay engaged with customers while building their brand.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram: The Complete Guide

Are there days when you feel like you have really good and authentic quality content but it seems to go unnoticed on Instagram? Create conversations through and with your Instagram content. Bring back the “social” in social media with this complete guide on how to increase engagement and also expand your Instagram reach.

What is Live Commerce?  6 Live Commerce Trends to Watch in 2022

If you have an e-commerce business, you won’t want to ignore the billion-dollar live commerce industry any longer. Live commerce combines the best parts of online shopping and live video streaming. In this blog, you’ll find everything you need to know about live commerce and the must-know trends to try in 2022.

December 2021

The Best Copywriting Portfolio Templates (Free & Responsive)

Check out the list of the best copywriting portfolio templates put together by Copyfolio.

How to Make an Infographic in 5 Easy Steps (2021 Guide)

An easy-to-follow guide from Visme explains how to create a perfect infographic in just 5 steps.

Sales Automation: A Guide & 10 Examples of Sales Process Automations

Are you thinking of automating your sales processes? In this article, learn what is sales automation and check out 10 great examples of how you could implement these changes into your business today.

November 2021

Cool Logo Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Are you looking for new logo inspiration? Look no further. This article dives deep into logo design and provides some beautiful examples for you to get inspired by.

SaaS Customer Experience: 14 Experts Share Their Best Tips To Master It

What can we do to offer an outstanding customer experience and win over customers? Are there any golden rules to follow and mistakes to avoid at any cost? Take a look at this comprehensive list of the best tactics to master customer experience and take your customer service to the next level.

How to start an ecommerce business step by step

Starting an eCommerce business isn’t easy, but here’s an in-depth guide that can help you more in building a website and opening your online store.

10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives Compared By Price (2021): Find the Cheapest Tool

How much does it cost to send email newsletters to a given number of contacts? Check this comprehensive list of the most popular marketing software and choose the best one for your business!

Case studies showing how generates increased rankings and traffic to websites through link building

The team has put together a series of case studies on the impact of link-building campaigns on organic traffic for different brands. These are great readings for those companies that still doubt the SEO benefits in the long run.

6 Data-Driven Decision-Making Tactics to Improve Your Sales Funnel

A data-driven decision-making strategy is a key to achieving satisfying business results. Check which tactics will help you strengthen your sales funnel strategy and achieve success.

October 2021

Tips for Hiring the Right Inside Sales Representative

When you’re managing an inside sales team, how do you find time to breathe but still ensure that your team achieves maximum productivity and runs efficiently? In this article from VanillaSoft’s blog, you can find five helpful strategies for managing a high-performance inside sales team.

What is web hosting?

A complete guide to web hosting, necessary to understand the fundamentals of website building by, an expert on small business tools.

Guide to API Testing

A simple introduction on how to test an API and the different methodologies available for companies that are integrating different tools into their workflows.

Black Friday Marketing: 10 Powerful Tactics To Top Your Sales Records

If you’re looking for some Black Friday marketing ideas – here we are! Fintan from ReConvert prepared a handy guide of the best marketing tactics to help you achieve stunning results this holiday season.

How to Start a Blog (and Make Money) in 6 Easy Steps:

This truly ultimate guide to starting a blog will take you through the entire process of figuring out the technical bits, choosing a catchy name, making sure you’re blogging about the right topics, and through to writing content, attracting readers & eventually monetizing your growing audience.

September 2021

Shrewd Socials: How to Avoid These 5 Easy Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Looking for practical tips on how to take your social media marketing to the next level and win over competitors? Read this handy guide and avoid the most popular social media mistakes!

SEO Types, Strategies For SEO & SEO Mistakes To Avoid

A super handy guide on the essential SEO strategies and best practices to help you outrank competitors and win over customers.

15+ Best Online Form Builders For Lead Generation

A handy guide prepared by Irakli from Leadgenapp for everyone looking for the best online form builder to increase lead generation and convert more traffic into leads and new customers!

How To Setup a WordPress Blog & Make Money – A Beginner’s Guide

A blog is a great addition to any business: Google loves blogs, visitors love blogs… Everybody does. Here is a detailed guide on how to build one.

The Ultimate 2021 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar [Editable Edition]

To help you make 2021 your most successful year yet, Vinsenta from Printful created an e-commerce calendar with all important dates and holidays to remember!

August 2021

Best eCommerce Platforms for 2021 – Fresh, Trendy, Reliable

Eduard Klein, our friendly Digital Growth Marketer on the best e-commerce platforms to consider when you try to establish a successful online business. A detailed comparison of tools will help you choose a platform that suits your needs best.

10+ Best Referral Marketing Tools and Apps

Christopher Vasilis from Woorise explains how referral marketing can be highly effective in building hype around your business.

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