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Say Hello to Tidio Chat Flows: Intelligent Conversion Tools

by Jelisaveta Sapardic·Updated
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We’re excited to share a big change in our product lineup: we’re moving from “Chatbots” to “Chat Flows”. 

This evolution marks a pivotal moment in our journey, as we strive to elevate the way businesses engage with customers.

Let’s take a closer look at what this new change is going to bring.

Read on to find out:

Start using chat flows for elevated customer service

Learn more about chat flows

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From chatbots to chat flows: the why behind the change

Chat flows are conversation builders that signify the smooth, effortless interactions that guide website visitors through their journey with your brand. A chatbot flow is a structure that determines an interaction between a user and a bot. It takes into account the answers that should be provided according to the customer’s questions.

the why behind the change in chatbot flows

So, we changed the name of these simple, rule-based bots. On the other hand, the term “AI Chatbots”—software that uses natural language processing (NLP) to communicate with users—remains the same.

Why did we decide to go with this name change?

It’s simple—

As our technology and your needs have evolved, we decided that the name “chat flows” more accurately reflects the seamless and dynamic experience our product offers.

Unlocking the potential of chat flows

Chatbot flows aren’t just about a name change. They represent a transformation in how we approach customer engagement

Let’s explore the benefits that Flows offer:

They enhance customer experience

With Flows, you’ll encounter a seamless and intuitive interface, simplifying the setup and management of interactions tailored to your audience. The streamlined interface ensures that you can navigate through various features, providing a frictionless experience for both you and your clients and improving customer satisfaction.

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Chat flows drive sales

Flows can help you experience a significant boost in conversion rates. Moreover, you’ll be able to engage with customers at the right moment, leading to increased sales and revenue. Through targeted interactions and personalized messaging, Flows allow you to capitalize on sales opportunities, ultimately driving growth for your business.

They capture leads effectively

Chat flows streamline lead generation processes, ensuring no potential opportunity slips through the cracks. Engage and qualify leads effortlessly, bolstering your sales pipeline. By leveraging Flows’ advanced lead capture capabilities, you can efficiently identify and nurture prospects, maximizing your conversion potential.

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Chat flows reduce customer support cases

Last but not least, chat flows handle common support inquiries efficiently, which is good news for your chat support. Not only do flows reduce live agent workload, but they also allow them to focus on resolving complex issues and deliver exceptional service. That’s because flows let you automate routine support tasks. With automated conversations at your disposal, you free up valuable time for your support team to address more critical customer needs and respond to user responses promptly.

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Our commitment to your success drives us to enhance Flows continually, ensuring it remains a robust solution that meets your evolving business requirements.

What’s next?

As we look toward the future, here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from the chat flow development in the upcoming quarters:

Advanced behavioral targeting 

You will get to tailor personalized interactions in response to multiple signals gathered from website activities, leveraging the enhanced behavioral targeting features. Through the analysis of client behavior and preferences, you will be able to create user experiences that resonate with your audience, driving increased engagement and conversions.

Enhanced sales support

Stay ahead of the curve with new features designed specifically for Shopify users. From streamlined chatbot workflows to innovative sales and lead generation templates, Flows is set to boost your ecommerce efforts. You’ll be able to create dynamic sales funnels that guide customers through the buying process, maximizing sales opportunities and revenue.

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Improved analytics

You will get deeper insights into the impact of your initiatives with enhanced analytics capabilities. This functionality will allow you to make data-driven decisions to drive growth and maximize ROI. By tracking key metrics and performance indicators, you’ll optimize your customer engagement strategy, ensuring that every interaction delivers maximum value for your business.

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Elevate your customer experience with chat flows

The change from “Chatbots” to “Chat Flows” is our way of expressing appreciation to our customers and acknowledging their expectations and needs. In the future, our Flows will represent a significant advancement in customer engagement, offering personalized interactions, enhanced sales assistance, and in-depth analytics. We aim for our product to be top-notch, and this transition will only move us closer to achieving that goal.

Start using our product today and take the first step towards revolutionizing your customer interactions. By doing so, you’ll get to experience the transformative potential chat flows hold for your business!

Enhance the experience of customers using Tidio Flows

Learn more about chat flows

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