Top 5 Chatbot Types to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

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The constant increase in revenue is one of the main goals of every business. Did you know you can achieve it with the help of a chatbot, almost effortlessly? Check out our video with the top 5 chatbot automations that’ll help you boost your ecommerce conversion rate!

What are chatbots? It’s a computer program that can hold a basic conversation with a customer, performing specific actions in response to the customer’s behaviour.

Chatbots are a great tool that helps your online business. With features like answering FAQs, offering discounts, or engaging customers who abandon their carts, they improve the conversion rate by up to 20%.

And they can do other things like…

1. Greeting New Visitors

This feature does exactly what the name suggests – it welcomes every website visitor with a custom message you created. This makes things more personal and makes your customer feel that they won’t get lost – there’s someone to speak to.

This chatbot type allows you to greet visitors in multiple languages, based on their country of residence, giving even more personalisation.

And just as a reminder – personalisation is a great way to boost your ecommerce conversion rate. According to Epsilon Marketing, customers who get a personalised experience are 80% more likely to convert.

2. Messaging Returning Visitors

A chatbot can greet a returning visitor as well. This feature can be personalised with the customer’s name to add a personal touch (assuming that you’ve already collected this data from a customer, e.g. with a Pre-Chat Survey).

Another way this feature can help is by sending a discount to the returning customer. Doing so gives a significant push towards conversion – if a customer returns to your website, they’re already interested (if only a little!). Why wouldn’t you help them make up their mind?

3. Engaging Customers Who Abandon Their Carts

This is one of the most important chatbot features, helping solve one of the most common problems of e-commerce owners – customers abandoning their carts.

With a chatbot, you can engage a customer to ask about the reason and offer them a discount code. Doing so provides a great chance to boost your ecommerce conversion rate. Even if you don’t succeed in convincing the customer to buy, at least you can get some feedback, which will help improve your business.

4. Answering FAQs

Every business needs to deal with customers who ask questions, and these questions have two things in common: they’re simple and repetitive. Why don’t you save your time and energy, and let the chatbot do the work for you?

With a chatbot, you can prepare replies to the most popular questions, which are available to your customer as clickable options within the live chat widget. Even when you’re not there, your customer can get an answer 24/7.

Instead of reading long passages of text at your FAQ base, the customers can talk to a chatbot online, ask their questions, and get instant help.

5. Collecting Leads

You can’t always be there, but it would be a shame if a customer left your site because they can’t get an answer to their question. With a chatbot, you can collect contact information (even when you’re offline) to follow up with the answer later. This opens the door to great customer service experience and raises your chances to sell.

These are just some of the available chatbot types – there are many more.

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