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  • helpdesk software cover imageCustomer Service

    12 Best Help Desk Software for 2024 [Complete Guide]

    Learn all about help desk software with its benefits, main features, and top tools to use. Discover how to implement the system into your website.

  • suitor casestudy endeksaCase Studies

    Endeksa Hits 138% Boost in Lead Generation with Tidio

    Discover how Tidio helped Endeksa increase lead generation and slash waiting times. Also, check out how the bots’ helpful responses helped to boost their customer satisfaction.

  • open source helpdesk cover imageCustomer Service

    8 Best Open Source Helpdesk Systems for 2024 [Free]

    Discover the top open source helpdesk software on the market and check out their key features. Learn all about the benefits of using free ticketing software for your business.

  • suitor casestudy cover imageCase Studies

    Suitor Hits 85% Customer Service Automation With Lyro

    Learn how Suitor automated up to 85% of its customer service using Lyro. Check out how this suit rental company slashed average response time by 92%.

  • whatsapp automation cover imageChatbots

    WhatsApp Automation: How To, Use Cases & Benefits 

    Discover what WhatsApp automation is and how you can create your own automated messages. Get inspired with top use case examples and check out the best tools you can use.

  • whatsapp chatbot tools cover imageChatbots

    7 Best WhatsApp Chatbot Tools in 2024 [+Top Features]

    Check out the leading WhatsApp chatbot tools on the market and compare their main features and pricing. Learn how to choose the best WhatsApp bot platform for your needs.

  • Add-to-Cart Conversion Rate Statistics cover imageStatistics & Tech Data Library

    Key Add-to-Cart Conversion Rate Statistics (2024)

    Plunge into the newest add-to-cart conversion rate statistics and trends, and unlock the potential of high conversion rates as a catalyst for business expansion.

  • discount code ideas cover imageBusiness Growth

    15 Best Discount Code Ideas To Boost Sales [Examples]

    Are you thinking about using discount codes to increase your sales this shopping season? Learn how to write promo codes and use them effectively.

  • Live Chat

    How to Provide Your Customers with Chat Transcripts?

    Learn what a chat transcript is, why it’s important, and how to offer it to your customers. Explore the benefits of conversation logs both for your company and clients.

  • chatbot intents cover imageChatbots

    Chatbot Intents: Use Cases, Examples & Training Tips

    Discover the most commonly used chatbot intents across various industries and learn about their benefits. Follow the most practical steps for successful bot intent training.

  • Chatbot platforms cover imageChatbots

    6 Best Chat Platforms for Business and Support in 2024

    Compare features and pricing of the leading chatting platforms on the market. Learn more about the benefits these tools can bring to your business.

  • best shopping bots cover imageChatbots

    5 Best Shopping Bots [Examples and How to Use Them]

    Curious about what shopping bots are and how to use them for your online store? Check out real-life examples of shopping bots, the benefits they bring to a business, and the best tools to use.

  • AI hallucinations cover imageChatbots

    When Machines Dream: A Dive in AI Hallucinations [Study]

    Dive into our original research about AI hallucinations. Find out what AI hallucinations are, how they influence our lives, and if you should be worried about them.

  • live chat for sales cover imageLive Chat

    5 Best Live Chat for Sales Teams [+Tips & Techniques]

    Learn the top techniques to use live chat for sales in your business. Compare the pros, cons, and pricing of the best sales live chat on the market to choose the right one for your business.

  • chatbot retail cover imageChatbots

    Retail Chatbot: Top Use Case Examples, Benefits & Tips

    Discover what retail chatbots are with benefits, tips, and real-life examples. Check out the best chatbots for the retail industry available on the market.