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Top 10 Best AI Sales Funnel Software for 2024 [Reviews]

by Jelisaveta Sapardic·Updated
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AI sales funnel software helps in managing sales processes and guiding customers through every stage of the consumer journey. By using these tools, a salesperson can automate repetitive tasks, monitor customer interactions, and share insights on the status of leads within the pipeline.

We spent hours researching the top sales funnel software tools on the market, both free and paid. Also, we compared their pros and cons and dived deep into the reviews, so you don’t have to.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

In this article, we will review the following sales pipeline software:

NameG2 rating Free planBest for
Tidio4.7/5 ⭐️NLP chatbots
Zendesk4.2/5 ⭐️Free trial availableCustomized bot builder
HubSpot4.4/5 ⭐️Free CRM functionality
Zoho4.4/5 ⭐️Omnichannel capability
Drift4.4/5 ⭐️Conversational landing pages
ClickFunnels4.6/5 ⭐️Free trial availableLanding page builder
Kajabi4.7/5 ⭐️Free trial availableMembership sites and online courses
Salesforce4.3/5 ⭐️Free trial availableAI-powered CRM
Freshdesk4.4/5 ⭐️Free trial availableAutomated workflows
Gorgias4.6/5 ⭐️Product recommendations

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And here are the reviews in depth:

1. Tidio

tidio sales funnel software example

Rating: 4.7/5 ⭐️ (1,520+ reviews)

Tidio is a sales funnel software known for its AI-powered sales chatbots. Sales professionals can also engage with website visitors thanks to live chat for sales teams.

The platform’s real-time visitor monitoring allows your sales team can turn conversations with your visitors into conversions. Moreover, Lyro, Tidio’s conversational AI, is capable of interacting with thousands of prospects and handling large volumes of orders. 

However, we won’t drone about how good Tidio is. Instead, you can read our customers’ case studies and decide for yourself. 

Or, you can register for Tidio’s free plan and demo our platform. 

Main features:


  • Free version available
  • Starter ($29/mo)
  • Flows ($29/mo)
  • Lyro AI ($39/mo)
  • Growth ($59/mo)
  • Tidio+ (starts at $749/mo)

Read more: Discover how to automate sales and lead generation for your business using Tidio’s Flows. 

2. Zendesk

zendesk sales funnel software example

Rating: 4.2/5 ⭐️ (480+ reviews)

Zendesk is an omnichannel customer service tool suitable for scaling companies. Its sales pipeline CRM software offers contact and deal management, lead generation, and activity tracking. The software allows you to make accurate forecasts and manage your pipeline in real time. Zendesk provides autonomous chatbots for businesses that empower reps to deliver personalized experiences. 



  • Occasional glitches that impact workflow and productivity
  • Inability to tag people in deals


  • Free 6-month trial for startups
  • Sell Team ($25/mo/agent)
  • Sell Growth ($69/mo/agent)
  • Sell Professional ($149/mo/agent)
  • Sell Enterprise ($169/mo/agent)

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3. HubSpot

hubspot sales funnel software example

Rating: 4.4/5 ⭐️ (11,290+ reviews)

HubSpot is a customer service automation tool that is a CRM, help desk, and sales pipeline software. It offers an all-in-one platform for your agents to manage your leads and upcoming tasks. You can access customizable email templates and share them with your sales and email marketing platforms. 



  • Delayed notifications for new conversations
  • Challenges integrating to some third-party apps e.g. Outlook


  • Free version available
  • Starter ($20/mo/seat)
  • Professional ($100/mo/seat)
  • Enterprise ($150/mo/seat)

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4. Zoho

zoho sales funnel software example

Rating: 4.4/5 ⭐️ (5,570+ reviews)

Zoho SalesIQ is a sales funnel software that provides customer engagement tools for sales and marketing teams to converse with prospects. Its cloud-based platform promotes proactive customer service, enabling reps to interact with leads at the right stage. Your sales managers can connect SalesIQ to Zoho CRM to access email lists and send targeted messages to potential customers. 



  • Limited options for creating survey and feedback forms
  • Adding and retrieving records at scale can be problematic


  • Free version available
  • Basic ($10/mo/operator)
  • Professional ($17/mo/operator)
  • Enterprise ($25/mo/operator)

Read more: Compare the reviews about the best Zoho Desk alternatives, weigh the pros and cons of each, and choose a suitable one for your business. 

5. Drift

drift sales funnel software example

Rating: 4.4/5 ⭐️ (1,185+ reviews)

Drift is an AI customer service platform that uses data from consumer interactions to deliver personalized experiences. Its automated sales funnel software allows you to design customized videos, emails, and messages for your marketing campaigns. On top of that, the software shares real-time notifications and AI-powered insights to give your sales team full visibility of the pipeline. 


  • Meeting scheduler for Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts
  • Instant messaging through Slack integration
  • AI engagement score for website, video, email activity, and more


  • Clunky user interface
  • Limited customization options


  • Premium ($2,500/mo)
  • Advanced → Contact sales
  • Enterprise → Contact sales 

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6. ClickFunnels

clickfunnels sales funnel software example

Rating: 4.6/5 ⭐️ (390+ reviews)

ClickFunnels is a popular sales funnel software known for its ease of use. Your sales team can use its email automation features to help run your marketing offers. It also has a one-click-upsell tool that automatically shares product recommendations with buyers who purchase products from your site. The recommendations are tailored to maximize upselling opportunities for your audience. 


  • Drag-and-drop editor for designing unique sales pages
  • Create one-click checkout pages using the Smart-checkout feature 
  • Landing page builder for customized landing pages 


  • Onboarding employees to the software can be confusing and time-consuming
  • Some users have expressed displeasure at the design of landing pages


  • Free 14-day trial available
  • Startup ($81/mo)
  • Pro ($248/mo)

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7. Kajabi

kajabi sales funnel software example

Rating: 4.3/5 ⭐️ (75+ reviews)

Kajabi is a marketing funnel software that assists creators and entrepreneurs in their marketing efforts. The platform is popular for its membership sites and online courses, as well as unique marketing tools. It provides businesses with no-code landing pages, an in-built shopping cart, and customizable ecommerce checkouts.


  • Customizable themes for online courses
  • Funnel building with many predesigned templates
  • Live webinars for online creators


  • Few customization options for sales pages 
  • Non-friendly drag-and-drop builder


  • Free 14-day trial available
  • Basic ($149/mo)
  • Growth ($199/mo)
  • Pro ($399/mo)

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8. Salesforce

salesforce sales funnel software example

Rating: 4.3/5 ⭐️ (20,180+ reviews)

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer success software that aims to boost productivity, close deals faster, and grow sales revenues for scaling companies. The platform provides sales agents with AI assistants to automatically draft emails, research prospects, and schedule meetings. Furthermore, sales professionals can forecast their pipeline outcomes using its predictive capabilities. 


  • Automatically update CRM using email messages and calendar invites
  • Identify important insights from your sales calls and SMS
  • Seamless onboarding feature for beginners


  • The steep learning curve for new users
  • Difficult keeping up with constant in-app updates


  • Free 30-day trial available
  • Starter Suite ($25/mo/user)
  • Professional ($80/mo/user)
  • Enterprise ($165/mo/user)
  • Unlimited ($330/mo/user)
  • Einstein 1 Sales ($500/mo/user)

9. Freshsales

freshsales sales funnel software example

Rating: 4.4/5 ⭐️ (3,125+ reviews)

Freshworks offers an automated sales funnel software known as Freshsales. The software helps sales teams run email campaigns to generate more leads, qualify them, route them to relevant departments, and track their progress. By using the software, sales reps can benefit from AI technology to score leads and focus on conversing with valuable prospects. 


  • The ability to visualize information as a table or kanban board
  • Multichannel support
  • Personalized messages are delivered to consumers through live chat trigger-based campaigns. 


  • Uploading screenshots can be challenging
  • There can be occasional delays when parsing images


  • Free 21-day trial
  • Growth ($11/mo/user)
  • Pro ($47/mo/user)
  • Enterprise ($71/mo/user)

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10. Gorgias

gorgias sales funnel software example

Rating: 4.6/5 ⭐️ (510+ reviews)

Gorgias is a sales funnel software suitable for ecommerce brands looking to increase website conversions. The platform offers a full suite of campaigns that can boost sales with targeted interventions of the buying journey. It uses AI-powered recommendations to show sales reps opportunities to cross-sell products. 


  • Landing page templates for ecommerce sites
  • Shopify browsing data to offer a seamless customer experience
  • Detailed tracking and analytics data


  • The UI can be confusing for new users
  • Insufficient help center documentation


  • Convert Tier 1 ($30/mo)
  • Convert Tier 2 ($300/mo)
  • Convert Tier 3 ($575/mo)
  • Convert Tier 4 ($1,100/mo)

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Now that you know what the options are, you can compare them and choose the right one for your business.

How to pick the best sales funnel software for your business?

With the best AI sales funnel tools out of the way, let’s observe how you choose the best option for your organization. 

To do it right, make sure to have these characteristics in mind:

AI capability

Choose a sales funnel software that incorporates AI functionality to score and prioritize leads, and provide personalized experience and insights to end users. The AI’s forecasting and predictive analytics should help you optimize your customer service strategy and make informed decisions. A HubSpot report shows that more than 50% of salespeople think AI is crucial for their role. 

Advanced lead management

The best sales funnel software is capable of seamlessly capturing, tracking, and nurturing leads. A multichannel system with automated workflows can convert website traffic to qualified leads for your sales team to engage with. According to Harvard Business Review, AI sales systems increase lead generation by 50%

A/B testing

Test different funnel software by monitoring crucial metrics such as conversion rates, average order value, and customer acquisition costs. Use a variety of tools to conduct A/B tests on these key elements of the sales funnel to optimize its performance. 

Analytics and integrations

Find funnel tracking software that offers comprehensive analytics on your sales team’s performance and sales campaign success. The tool must also seamlessly integrate with other essential business systems to enhance collaboration across departments. 

Customization and friendly UX

The best sales pipeline software offers a user-friendly interface for agents and consumers alike. Moreover, sales managers can access customizable funnel templates and deploy them in their marketing strategies. A report by VML shows that 45% of consumers believe buying products in online stores is challenging and should be made simpler and more intuitive.

Business benefits of using proper sales funnel software

Choosing the right sales funnel software for your online business can have several advantages. A successful sales funnel will eliminate prospects at every stage and leave you with high-probability buyers. 

Here are some of the most important business benefits of integrating sales funnel builders into your processes: 

  • Increased efficiency— funnel tools automate routine tasks such as lead scoring, follow-ups, and data entry, freeing up sales teams to focus on high-value activities. Research shows that businesses with efficient sales pipeline management experience a 28% growth compared to their peers. 
  • Improved lead conversion—sales funnel software enhances lead capture with personalized and timely communication, increasing the chances of converting leads into customers.
  • Better decision-making—advanced funnel builders provide actionable insights and accurate sales forecasts through advanced data analysis and predictive analytics.
  • Enhanced customer experience—the right tool helps to deliver personalized. experiences based on user data and behavior, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. A study shows that companies that nurture leads generate 50% more sales at a lower cost per customer. 
  • Scalability—effective sales funnels can help you easily handle large volumes of leads and interactions without compromising performance and supporting business growth.

Sales pipeline software: key takeaway

The best sales pipeline software isn’t an amalgamation of mismatched apps but rather an all-in-one solution. It has as many built-in functionalities as possible, except for a few third-party integrations when needed. These make it more efficient while reducing its exposure to counterparty points of failure. 

We recommend Tidio’s AI-powered suite for your lead generation, superior user experience, sales conversion, and order processing.

Sign up for free and test its sales capabilities! 

Automated sales funnel software: FAQ

What is sales funnel software?

Sales funnel software is a tool that guides buyers through every stage of the buying journey, from initial contact to final purchase of your product. The software provides you with a visual roadmap that shows you exactly where a prospect is in the customer journey at any moment. 

What is the best funnel software?

Tidio is the best sales funnel software due to its advanced lead management. Thanks to its AI-powered customer experience platform, it’s easy to interact with website visitors, automatically route leads to concerned sales reps, and process orders. 

What’s the best sales funnel software to use in 2024?

Tidio’s conversational AI capabilities set it apart from other competitors. The sales funnel software can monitor visitor activity on your site in real time and interact with prospects at each stage of the sales pipeline. 

What is the best free sales funnel?

The best free sales funnel is Tidio, which offers a free plan for new users. This basic plan will give you access to live chat software, ticketing, chat flows, and social media channels for your sales activities. 

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